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Bay Wellness - Health After Menopause

Bay Wellness - Health After Menopause

Post-menopause is defined as one full year of absent menstruation, says OB/GYN Steven R. Berkman, M.D., FACOG, FACS. In the United States, 48 is the average age of post-menopause for women, although this can fluctuate.

As women transition from the reproductive years to the non-reproductive years, I tell my patients that they should look ahead for all the good that is to come, says Dr. Berkman. There are good things to come in  the beginning of the next phase of life.Dr. Berkman urges women to step up their health care checks and screenings. This is a very important time to look at your overall health, says Dr. Berkman. Post menopausal women should get regular checks  for cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, and osteoporosis.

Heart attack continues to be the Number One killer of women, warns Dr. Berkman. Symptoms of a heart  attack also manifest differently in women than in men, and women should become aware of the  symptoms of heart attack and stroke as well as adopt a healthy lifestyle that reduces their risk.

Emotional issues such as depression can also take their toll on a post-menopausal woman, causing  serious disturbances, says Dr. Berkman. Dr. Berkman evaluates patients for signs of elder abuse and  makes appropriate referrals. I prefer the term transition over aging says Dr. Berkman. I ask patients  to remember how they felt when they were on the verge of becoming women. It was a very exciting time.  The same is true for post-menopausal women who are entering the next phase, or transition, of life.

A post-menopausal womens sexual health is also a topic that Dr. Berkman addresses with his patients.  Postmenopausal women should certainly still be sexually active, if they so desire. There may be physical  and emotional issues that are inhibiting their sexual life and that is a topic to discuss with your doctor,  says Dr. Berkman. I am in favor of sex. It is a terrific emotional release, its great cardiovascular exercise,  and post-menopause is a time when women dont have to worry about pregnancy and other  complications.

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