Fall Activities - ARCHERY TAG®

501 Industry Rd.
Staten Island, NY 10314
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Are you looking for a new, indoor group activity that tweens, teens and adults will enjoy – maybe even together?

Then gather up your gang and head to Indoor Extreme Sports (S.I.) for a fast-paced, action-packed session of Archery Tag®. No, not target practice with very sharp projectiles. This is archery played like dodgeball, only with specially designed bows and foam-tipped arrows. It’s engaging, exhilarating, safe and great fun.

The premise is simple. Two teams, each with up to 5 players, run, duck, whoop, holler and work up a sweat while shooting at the opposing team. Players are eliminated when hit by an arrow or if a player catches an arrow they shot. As in dodgeball, when an arrow is caught, a previously eliminated teammate can be called back into the game. The first team to eliminate all of its opponents wins.

Arrows, with foam tips that resemble marshmallows, fly accurately from bows with low draw weights, making strikes relatively painless, and like getting hit with a dodgeball, quickly forgotten. For safety, players wear face masks.

Each game lasts 3-5 minutes, and a group can play as many games as they can complete in roughly one hour. Prior archery experience is not needed. The first 15 minutes of the 90-minute session is set aside for orientation. There is also a 15-minute break to hydrate, tell war stories, or if you are there for a party, eat pizza or birthday cake.

Groups need a minimum of 6 players on weekdays, 8 on weekends to reserve a field and time slot for private play. Groups of more than 10 (the maximum allowed on the field for any game) will be split into smaller teams. Players must be at least 10 years old to participate.

For additional information, event ideas or to make a reservation, visit www.indoorextremesports.com.

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21 Sep 2017