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Kids On The Move: Alexander Wolkomir
08/22/2009 - By Teja Anderson

Kids On The Move: Alexander Wolkomir

Alexander Wolkomir

Alexander Wolkomir is absolutely thrilled with his academic journey. This is a young man who cant seem to get enough of any subject or even pick a favorite, and his thirst for knowledge has him hurtling to the top. Not only was he valedictorian of his graduating class (2009) at Christian  Brothers Academy in Lincroft, but by applying for early decision and being accepted to the University of Pennsylvania last fall, Alex knew by early December 2008 that he was Ivy League bound. Some kids might be tempted to rest on their laurels and coast through the rest of the school  year, but not Alex; he continued to push himself forward as a leader in the Model United Nations Programs at both CBA and the YMCA, participated in a mock trial, and led his schools French Club and language competitions to victories. He also delved into Henry Kissingers latest book on western diplomacy for a little fun reading.

Impressive as well is the fact that without any extra tutoring Alex scored 2330 on the SATs, including a perfect score of 800 on the math portion. He also earned a perfect 800 SAT score in biology and top scores of 5 on the Advanced Placement tests in history, geography, math, and physics.  While Alex exudes positive energy and infectious excitement about almost every topic, what is extraordinary is that he is open minded and not in the least afraid of change. Although he currently plans to study International Affairs and Business at the University of Pennsylvania, he  acknowledges that once he gets there he might get drawn to an entirely different careerits happened to him before. When I first got to CBA I was really more math and science oriented; that was my focus. But now that Ive graduated, I kind of evolved. I want to change gears and go in an entirely different direction with business and international relations. Perhaps this is due to a recent school trip he took to Thailand and Vietnam with 20 of his CBA classmates over spring break. He was fascinated with the different cultures and particularly in how the western culture  intermixed with the east. You would see these ancient temples and then there would be a KFC or a 7-Eleven on the corner. Seeing all the people and the way they lived and workedit was just an amazing experience.

Alex is unable to choose one teacher in particular who had the most influence on him; there are three: his 7th grade biology teacher, Ms. Vignola, who also taught college level biology and shared those lessons and labs with his class, enriching the curriculum; his U.S. and European History  teacher Mr. Matson, because instead of just teaching facts and dates he emphasized the different schools of thought and philosophies behind governments, taking it to an analytical level; and his French teacher, Madame Maloney, who didnt just stick to the textbooks, but integrated culture and history into the language.

Although his lifes course seems to be in perfect, almost unnatural order, Alex does allow that the trunk of his car is a complete mess. Its a disaster. I dont know why. I just put everything in there and there is no order; it just sort of accumulates. And, like most teenaged boys, he does  make time for Xbox and is thrilled with the newfound freedom his drivers license has given him.

Alex has lived in Rumson for most of his life with his younger sister Lara (16) and his parents Alfred and Patricia, Westie (the dog), and two parakeets; the family moved there from Red Bank in 1993. He thinks growing up in Rumson was a bonus. We have everything here; the ocean and the  beach are right over the bridge, then there is Red Bank with everything to do, plus we are really close to both Philadelphia and New York City. There are just so many opportunities here.

Alex is one young person who will undoubtedly take advantage of every opportunity that comes his way.


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