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Weigh In Holmdel: If you could live anywhere...?!

Weigh In Marlboro: If you could live anywhere...?!
11/01/2007 - By Beth Burke

Weigh In Marlboro: If you could live anywhere...?!

Weigh In

If you could live anywhere...?!

Did you ever think to yourself, I really need to get out of this place?" If you could do that, what qualities would you look for when deciding where to move? Would it be the cost of living, the climate, the proximity to a city or to the country? And how much would the fun factor figure into the equation?

I recently had a high school reunion (Im not telling which one!) where I had tracked down a schoolmate who grew up with me in central Jersey and now lives in Oregon. When I asked her how she had ended up there, she said that having moved to San Francisco (where her husband grew up) they decided to leave after being mugged and witnessing rampant homelessness. She and her husband took out a map, crossed out all the states they didnt like for whatever reason, and Oregon was about the only one left! I thought, how brave a thing that was to do to pick up and leave everything to start completely fresh someplace just because you wanted to, without having any particular ties, and not knowing whether it would work out for better or worse. Luckily, in Jennys case, it did work out. She loves her view of the mountains from every window, trees that surround her house, being able to enjoy four seasons again (one long fog season was something she didnt mind leaving in San Francisco), and the clean, safe factor is a big plus. Sounds perfect for her, but whats your dream?

LIM asked area residents where their ideal spot to live would be if they could pick any place maybe a particular city, state, or country, somewhere in their imagination, or even a state of mind. Would it be somewhere they loved visiting, somewhere they always wanted to go, or would they even leave home at all? Read on to see what they had to say by Beth Burke

Peoples Response:

Id stay here in Marlboro because Monmouth County is so convenient to the shore, entertainment, New York City, and even public transportation.
Sue Fedor

I would stay here in Marlboro because I like living close to my family, and because we are so close to New York City.
Nancy Hartman

I would live in Arizona. We have family out there, and its just a beautiful part of the country.
Lisa Payne

I would live in Hawaii, because its got a crystal clean ocean with real waves, and Id love to learn to surf there.
Sammy Payne

Ive visited my cousins who go to
the University of Delaware, and I think that Delaware would be a beautiful place to live.
Ashley Fedor

The water is the bluest Ive ever seen, the beaches are clean and inviting, the shops are quaint, and the people are friendly. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have it right Bermuda has to be the most magnificent place to live.
Phyllis Mandelbaum

If I were able to live anywhere in the world it would be in L.A., to be able to see all the big stars walking the streets. Also, it is beautiful and warm there and you can go to the beach any day.
Alli Mandelbaum

If I could live anywhere, I would still live somewhere in Monmouth County because that is where my family and friends are. This area will always feel like home to me.
Marc Mandelbaum

Id live in California so I could meet the cast of The OC!
Erin Payne

Phoenix, Arizona is where I would pick to live. It has a great climate with 10 months of beautiful weather. Its also a much more relaxed pace of life, but still only a couple of hours from skiing, the ocean, Las Vegas, and Disney.
Chuck Payne

Id love to live in Margate, NJ. The Jersey shore is the best! I love the ocean, the seasons, and the close proximity to New York City and Philadelphia. I love visiting other countries, but the freedoms and the standard of living we enjoy in the United States are priceless.
Cathy Pierson

Id go back in time and live in the 60s when I was a teenager it was a fun time and one with a lot less stress!
Maryann Arias

I would live in New York City because there is always something going on there!
Allegra Kraut

Id live in Barcelona, Spain. Its one of the largest and busiest port cities in Europe, on the sunny Mediterranean Sea, with an energetic population and easygoing life style. I also speak the language, which would make me feel not so out of place.
Ernie Arias

I was born in California and would like to go back it is gorgeous there!
Jessica Machlovitz

I would head to San Diego, California. The weather is beautiful! Its right on the ocean and within a half hour you can drive to the mountains or the desertand in 20 minutes you can be in Mexico.
Diane Huff

I would live in Boston, because its a clean city that has amazing shopping especially Urban Outfitters!
Jaclyn Mandelbaum

If I could live anywhere it would be Montana. The open sky would inspire me to think about all the wonderful gifts we have. The night sky, filled with stars, would be the most inspiring scenery and a life-long dream.
Michelle Silverstone

I would live in Australia because even though I havent been there, I love new experiences and adventure.
Marian Fontanilla

I would like to stay in Marlboro. I love the small town feel here; we have a phenomenal first-aid squad, and I just got a new kitchen!
Elyssa Diamond

Brazil, so I could go to Carnivale, and dance in the streets. Also, the food there seems so exotic.
Mark Lanstone

I would stay in Marlboro because all my friends are here and we have a good school system.
Kristen Fedor

Definitely Asbury Park, because the people and beaches are beautiful.
Jonnie Waltson

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