StreetBeat - What's Your Super Power?

From Superman and Batman to the ensemble cast of The Avengers, everyone had, or still has, a superhero they looked up to and tried to emulate as a child. The enchanting notion of being able to fly through the air, effortlessly climb walls, or possess superhuman strength has captured the imaginations of every man, woman and child for several millennia. Some scholars believe that the story of the Mesopotamian demigod Gilgamesh, recorded on stone tablets as The Epic of Gilgamesh in roughly 2000 BC, was the world’s first superhero tale.

America’s attraction to superheroes on the silver screen dates back to 1920, when Zorro, the skilled, masked swordsman debuted in a silent film, The Mark of Zorro. Almost 100 years later, Avengers: The Age of Ultron, grossed more than $450 million in the United States this summer. For whatever the reason, we just can’t hear, see, and read enough about normal-looking people with superhuman attributes.

Living in Media hit the streets, malls, and beaches to find out which superpower our neighbors would like to possess. Most said they would like to fly, but for varying reasons.

For some, it would be a scenic way to experience the world, while for others it would be to avoid the traffic jams. If only it were that easy.

But perhaps one man said it the best: he wished for the power of good health. Indeed, without good health, we have nothing—including the ability to read and watch stories about our favorite superheroes.


Being invisible. You could use it for a lot of good reasons, but that way you can also see and hear what people say when they think you aren’t around.

Michelle R.

I’d like to travel into different dimensions. They say that the 4th dimension is time, but how do we know if we’ve never really seen or experienced it by itself?

Joel B.
Asbury Park
Super speed. Being able to get work done in a flash and then have the freedom to travel wherever I’d like would be a great gift.

Vincent D.
Spring Lake
Being able to see the future to let us know how we can change the course of our lives and make better decisions.

Ryan O.

I’d love to be able to fly. You could see so many scenic areas of the world that way.

Gabby L.
I would want the ability to grant other people’s wishes. It’s always better to give than receive, and it would be very satisfying to do that.

John G.
All I’d ask for is the power of good health. Without your health, nothing else really matters in the world.

Jim H.

I’d like to be able to detect lies and see when people aren’t telling the truth. I don’t know if I would like what I’d find out, though.

Gene R.
Flying could be a wonderful gift, but you never know. I might get high up in the air and then be too scared to ever do it again.

Irma H.
Teleportation. It would be great to be able to travel at will without having any limitations.

Aaron P.

Flying. It would be so amazing to soar over the ocean and see places we could never see otherwise.

Marina G.
I would want to be able to read minds. I used to be pretty good at it with my kids, but I wish I could do it with other people too.

Jason T.
Spring Lake

Being invisible. I’m sure we’d all see the world a different way if we could see what everything looks like and what everyone does when we aren’t around.

Joe M.
I want to have the ability to stop time. It would give us the chance to think more about what we’re doing before we make a choice.

Jon N.


I would like to fly on my own for a change. I’ve flown plenty of times on airplanes and they are not comfortable at all.

Bill H.

Flying. It would be such a rush to feel the wind in your face as you travel through the air.

Laura M.


I’d say flying. Being able to travel wherever you want without needing a car and dealing with traffic would be amazing.

Kim O.


I’d like to be able to read minds. You never know what someone is thinking and that would change the dynamic of every conversation.

Danny R.


The gift of anti-aging. Time flies by, and I want to be able to enjoy it for as long as I want to.

Cindy T.


Invisibility. It could be useful for a lot of reasons, but I would want to just people-watch for a little while.

Eric G.


Mind reading. Not everyone sees everything the way you do, and that would give a lot of perspective to a lot of things.

Kaitlin K.
Colts Neck


Super strength. It would be a great way to impress people, and if you’re strong and in shape, that means you’re healthy.

Kevin E.

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16 Nov 2015