Weigh In - What famous person would you invite to your holiday table?

No trip home for the holidays would be complete without a festive meal, and for many of us, indulging in a dinner that took all day to prepare is the stuff that holiday memories are made of. Over the years, we’ve all  become accustomed to eating our favorite dishes while being surrounded by our loved ones. While we cherish that family time together, Living in Media decided to ask county residents to choose a famous person they  would also like to add to their holiday guest list, if they could.

According to the responses, it appears that many people would prefer to share similar dinner conversations: politics, sports and pop culture, because several presidents, athletes and famous actors topped the list.  However, no one suggested inviting a professional chef over for what is often the most elaborate dinner of the year, perhaps because nothing beats a mother’s or grandmother’s holiday recipes. It’s extremely unlikely  that any of these guests will make an appearance in our homes this year, but we can console ourselves with the idea that, traditionally, the holiday season is about spending time with family. For the last several years, AAA has estimated that more than 40 million Americans travel home during Thanksgiving weekend, and many stay close to their loved ones well into December. Whoever may be seated around your holiday table, we  hope that the occasion will bring you comfort and joy. Happy holidays from all of us at Living in Media.



Adam Sandler. He’s always been one of my favorite actors because he’s so funny. Happy Gilmore is my favorite movie with him in it. I’m sure he’d tell some good jokes during dinner.

William H. — Marlboro

Our second president: John Adams. I’d like to talk to him about our political system and ask him if our country has gone down the road that they envisioned it would all those years ago.

Lisa Z. — Freehold
Pope Francis. He’s doing a wonderful job and brings so many new ideas to the table. It’d be great to talk to him during the holidays

Modestino R. — Colts Neck
Paul Walker. The Fast and Furious movies are some of my favorites. It was a shame when he died and I wonder what he would think of the new ones without him.

Casey G. — Ocean

Angelina Jolie. She’s such a great role model and leader on talking about breast cancer. She’s just an all-around good person.

Rebecca S. — Farmingdale

Any country artist would be great. They all put on good shows. Probably Garth Brooks because I never got a chance to see him live in concert.

Dewayne E. — Holmdel

I would invite the Game of Thrones author, George R.R. Martin. I want to ask him why he always kills off all of the best characters.

Toni W. — Manalapan
George Clooney. I hear he’s good friends with Matt Damon, and they are two of my favorite actors. It’d be fun to hear what he has to say about pop culture today.

Joe M. — Holmdel

George H. W. Bush. I want to find out how he does all the physical activities, like skydiving, at his age.

Henry S. — Spring Lake

A professional dancer, like one of The Rockettes. It’d be cool to hear how they train and become some of the most famous dancers in the world.

Alexis F. — Asbury Park

I’m a Giants fan, so I’d like to invite Michael Strahan over. He’s a Hall of Fame player and one of my personal favorites. Who better to watch football on Thanksgiving with than him

Ron M. — Middletown

McDonald’s CEO (Donald Thompson). I work there now and want to talk to him about the business to see how I can grow and own my own store one day.

Elijah D. — Freehold


Victor Cruz. I want him to teach me how to do the salsa. That and getting his take on watching the Cowboys game on Thanksgiving would be cool.

Greg H. — Rumson

Nicki Minaj. She’s one of the best dancers and singers in the world. Maybe my family and I could all sing holiday songs together with her.

Rebecca F. — Tinton Falls
William Shatner. I have a feeling he’s a funny guy and, if nothing else, we can at least talk about Star Trek.

Tommy B. — Long Branch

Mike Tyson. People forget that he was one of the best boxers of all-time, and I think he’d be a very entertaining guy to talk to.

Rich Y. — Freehold.

Michael Jordan. It would be great to be sitting across the table from the best basketball player ever. I’m sure he could give me a few pointers on my game.

Ryan M. — Belmar

Moses from the Bible. Did people follow religion the way that he thought we would all these years later? I’m sure he’d have some interesting opinions.

Erin B. — Allenhurst

Mark Wahlberg. He’s done it all: acting, producing, and singing. He did it all coming from nothing and worked his way to the top. He’d probably be a down-to-earth guy to talk to.

Joe G. — Ocean

I’d like to invite Barack Obama. Whether I agree or disagree with him, it would be nice to sit down and just pick his brain for a while about the world.

Steve V. — Red Bank

I’d want to have my favorite author, Stephen King, over. I’d like to ask him where he gets all of the creepy ideas for his novels from.

Lucas D. — Freehold

Ricky Gervais. He was the director of the original show, “The Office”, which aired in the United Kingdom before over here. He’s a funny guy, so I’m sure he would be good company.

Ed F. — Colts Neck

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13 Oct 2015

By Paul Williams