Weigh In - Which Halloween mask wins the creepy award?

There is no question that Halloween has remained a mainstay of celebration during the fall season in the Unites States. According to a survey by the National Retail Foundation, last year close to 70 percent of Americans celebrated the holiday and spent more than $2.5 billion on costumes. Halloween gives us a chance to a transform to our favorite superstar, superhero or mythical character, even if only for just a few hours. However, there are also a few infamous celebrities that most wouldn’t dare to look like, even on a holiday meant to playfully frighten others.

Living In Media hit the streets, beach fronts, and malls around Monmouth County and Staten Island to ask area residents what celebrity they think would be the creepiest to either dress up as or encounter during a costume party. Although a couple of notorious icons such as Dennis Rodman and Marilyn Manson garnered multiple mentions, most of the responses came from across the entire spectrum of pop culture. Current and former singers, athletes, movie and television actors, and even politicians weren’t safe from the scrutinizing eyes of our participants.

Despite the negative or eerie aura that surrounds some of the celebrities mentioned, many of our fellow neighbors were also quick to credit them for their accomplishments in their respective fields. Maybe it’s because so many celebrities have emerged from New York and New Jersey, but people in this area certainly have a great appreciation for talented individuals—even if they would never want to look like some of them!


Lady Gaga. Didn’t she wear a dress made out of meat once? It might be hard to dress like her though, because no one knows what she looks like without her makeup in real life and she wears so many outfits.

Anthony P.
Belmar, NJ

Steven Tyler. He still looks the same now as he did years ago. When he sings it looks like he’s swallowing the microphone. That’s pretty scary.

Rose C.
Huguenot, Staten Island
Vladmir Putin. I think it would take some big guts to dress up like him, but he’s got to be one of the scariest guys in the world right now.

Nicolas R.
Holmdel, NJ
Frank Zappa. When he was alive he was always pretty odd and scary looking, with the way he wore his hair and whatever he had on.

Richie F.
New Brighton, Staten Island

I think Howard Stern would be the creepiest. No one can question his talent for drawing an audience, but he’s always been a little odd with what he says and does. If I saw someone with his hair and sunglasses, it would give the creeps.

Lisa S.
Long Branch, NJ

Steve Buscemi. He’s a great actor but wasn’t blessed with great looks. He’s always had a little bit of a creepy look to him.

Shannon W.
Marlboro, NJ

I think if anyone dressed up like Gene Simmons, I’d be scared to be around them.

Megan P.
Port Richmond, Staten Island
I would have to say R. L. Stine, the author of the “Goosebumps” books. Not only did they creep me out as a kid, but I saw him on TV before and he’s creepy-looking too.

Casey A.
Marlboro, NJ

Snoop Dog. I just saw him on television the other day and he was pretty bizarre. I never realized it before. Dressing up like him would be pretty scary.

Margie G.
Dongan Hills, Staten Island

Charlie Sheen. He’s always played the cool roles and had a good life, but if I saw him, or someone who looked like him, I would be scared because I don’t know what he would do.

Larry M.
Freehold, NJ

Dennis Rodman. He looks pretty scary and I think anyone would have a tough time dressing up enough to look like him. If they did, that would be pretty frightening.

Mike O.
Ocean Township, NJ

Christopher Walken. No matter what he does, the way he looks and acts makes it seem like he can snap at any moment.

Christine R.
Colts Neck, NJ


Anthony Hopkins. I’d be wary of anyone who played the role of Hannibal.

Virginia K.
Farmingdale, NJ

Gene Simmons. He looks like a scary clown with its tongue flapping in the air. That’s as creepy as it gets.

Donna P.
Colts Neck, NJ
Ozzy Osbourne. With all the rumors that he ate a bat head and everything, that’s as creepy as it gets in real life.

Alec L.
New Springdale, Staten Island

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13 Oct 2015

By Paul Williams