Weigh In - Who do you think will be our next President?

Every presidential election cycle brings out strong opinions, and 2016 has been no exception. This year, we're in for an historic election, whether we choose Hillary Clinton, making her the first female president in United States history, or Donald Trump, businessman-turned-politician and self-proclaimed outsider to the political establishment.

Living In Monmouth wanted to find out what the people of Monmouth County think about who will be our next president, but with a catch: rather than asking respondents who they want to win the election, we asked who they think will win the election and why they feel that way. Slightly more than half of respondents said they think Trump will be our next president. The reasons given for their predictions varied, with some respondents confidently articulating why they thought their pick would win the elections and others saying that they simply had a gut feeling about it.

Whoever wins the election in November, they won't be able to win it without support from the people of Monmouth County and the rest of the United States. If you are over 18 years old, register to vote and exercise your right to be a part of history by participating in the 2016 presidential election. You might regret staying home on Election Day, but you will never regret getting out there and making your voice heard.


“It really depends on foreign policy issues. Right now, I really can't say, it's too hard to tell.”
Will F.

“Hillary Clinton will win. She may have a better shot because of her political experience.”
Sara P

“I think Donald Trump is gonna win. Even though he doesn't have a background in politics, what he's saying might change things. Hopefully.”
Yvonne V.

“I think Donald Trump is going to win because Hillary Clinton is just too shady.”
Andrew K.

“I think Hillary's going to end up pulling it out. A lot of young people pay attention to what politicians say and do on social media, and there's a fakeness to the Trump campaign.”
Roxy F.
“Probably Trump. I see him more in the news and everybody's talking about him more than Hillary.”
Sabrina O.

“I think Hillary might come out on top. There's a lot of people going different ways. Fingers crossed, Trump will fall.”
Leroy M.

“I think Trump will win, I don't think many Americans will vote for a female.”
Julio C.
“I think Trump will probably win, even though people don't like him. Hillary committed a really bad crime. Trump has a better attitude.”
Dominic R.

“To be honest, I think it's gonna be Hillary, only because Trump is too extreme.”
Sean S.

“Honestly the way things are looking as far as publicity's concerned, Donald Trump,”
Pamela B.

“That's a tough question because either one could win. I think Donald's gonna win because people are fed up with the status quo politician.”
Naeem J.

“Hillary's gonna win. She's less messed up.”
Elies A.

“I think Hillary Clinton's gonna win because she's less of a wildcard.”
Courtney B.

“I think Hillary Clinton. Her rhetoric seems to alienate fewer people.”
Nigel A.


I'm gonna say Hillary Clinton. I have some faith in America not to choose Trump.”
Kristen P.

“Trump, I think he'll win because of the blue collar people who feel the government has screwed them over. People are just tired of the politics of politics.”
Laura H.

“I think Hillary Clinton is going to win. I think she's better qualified for it and Americans realize that.”
John P.



“I think Trump. He's a businessman and with how the economy's been, he knows how to fix it.”
Mazhan D.

“If the younger generation goes out to vote, it'll be Hillary.”
Katie P.

“I think Trump is gonna win because of all the problems Hillary Clinton is facing,”
Maria B.

“Trump. Because he's not an official from the government, he's a businessman and his strategies will be beneficial to the nation.”
Karen W.



“Trump, because we can't stand having a liar in the White House.”
Robert W.


“I think Trump will win because of social media. Everywhere you look, it's Trump this, Trump that; he's everywhere.”
Thomas A.

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12 Oct 2016

By Lindsay Kramer