Weigh In - Who will play you in your movie?

When you consider the popularity of those ubiquitous social media quizzes that (ostensibly) tell us which celebrity or fictional character we are most like, it appears that people these days have an affinity for comparing themselves to other, more famous superstars. According to Buzzfeed.com, tens of millions of users have answered online questions that reveal which actor or actress they most resemble.  Ever since Hollywood’s inception about a century ago, audiences have always looked up to movie stars -- but never have we been more open than we are today about sharing who our favorite celebrities  are.

Despite the rise of competitive online streaming services, movies have remained a staple of modern entertainment. According to industry estimates, Americans spent $10.35 billion at the box office in  2014. Living in Media decided to unplug from the virtual tests and give our local neighbors the chance to flip the script on their cinematic heroes for a day. When asked which movie star they would like to  cast in a biopic, many responders either selected their favorite actor or actress, or one that they felt has handled their career with dignity and grace. A few others picked the stars that they think look the  most like them, or ones that they believe have personalities similar to theirs.

No matter which celebrity our responders picked to portray themselves, every one of them smiled and fondly talked about their choice. As the diverse answers in our poll show, we still look up to a wide  variety of pop culture icons, and there’s something enchanting about picturing one of them pretending to be you on the silver screen.


Daniel Day-Lewis. He’s tall and also a quiet speaker like I am. I think he could capture any role, and I’d be honored if he played me.

Eric H., Lincroft

Anne Hathaway. She can be serious, goofy or awkward. Sounds a lot like how I act every day.

Stephanie O., Long Branch
I think Ellen Page would be a good fit for me. She’s great at being sarcastic, which is definitely my sense of humor.

Kimberly P., Holmdel
Easy: Mark Wahlberg. Sometimes people say I look like him. I actually met him before. I think he’s a great guy.

Jason P., Asbury Park

Andy Garcia. He and I are both Cuban. He has the understanding of our culture to play me in my own movie.

Tommy B., Rumson

I’d like to say Ryan Gosling. He’s got a calming way about him when he recites his lines, and I’m kind of a mellow, introspective guy. He’d have to grow his hair longer, though, but he’d pull it off.

Steven G., Wall

Rosario Dawson. She’s becoming a better-known actress and she stays out of trouble. If anyone is going to play me, I’d like it to be someone who isn’t in the limelight for all the wrong reasons. Plus, she  looks a little like me.

Nicole L., Freehold
I’d say Victoria Rowell. She looks nothing like me, but she’s graceful and educated. She’s had a great career and has been outspoken about a lot of social issues. She’s the type of actress I’d want to  represent me.

Debbie R., Holmdel

Nicole Kidman. I’ve always been a big fan of her movies and it would be a great compliment if she played me in my life’s story.

Michele T., Colts Neck

Of course it would be Kevin James. We’re both big guys with a great sense of humor. As long as my movie is better than Mall Cop, I’d be happy if he played me.

Eric G., Middletown

It would have to be someone who respects his career and others, someone like Daniel Day-Lewis.

Not only is he great at acting, he keeps his name out of the tabloids. I’m a pretty laid back person, so he would fit my personality well.

Mark M., Marlboro

Julia Roberts. She’s been in so many iconic movies in the last few decades and she’s been fantastic in every one of them. If she played me, I know my life’s story would be interesting to the audience.

Kim M., Marlboro


I’d like Seth Rogen to play me. He’s got the best sense of humor and seems like he’d make me look cool in a group of people.

Nick L., Holmdel

Charlie Sheen. I think I’m a little like him because I can make people laugh. I’m not as crazy as is, but if he wanted to play me I’d feel like I did some things right in my life.

Brendan C., Red Bank
I would want Robert De Niro to play me. He’s so versatile and been acting for a long time that he’d be able to pick up my character and play me in a heartbeat. Even at his age he’s one of the best in Hollywood.

Mike R., Spring Lake

Someone who would make me look elegant and intelligent, so Meryl Streep would be the one who I’d want. She’s timeless and beautiful, and would make me seem the same, I hope.

Tracy R., Spring Lake

I can be a little quirky and geeky, so James Franco would be a good fit. I think when he was in the show “Freaks and Geeks” he already kind of played my life.

Tim D., Belmar

People used to say that I looked like Michelle Pfeiffer, so I’ll go with her. I’d want to be portrayed as a classy and beautiful woman on the big screen. She would be the one to do that.

Kim W., Colts Neck

Kevin James. I think I have the same sense of silly, sometimes slapstick humor that he does. To watch him play me would be a riot.

Tyler E., Ocean

(Not pictured) 

Probably Jesse Eisenberg. He’s got a great blend of attitude, humor, and sarcasm as an actor. I’d want to watch him play out my life and see how he would handle things differently.

Jarod H., Howell

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13 Oct 2015

By Paul Williams