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Weigh In - If you were to live anywhere....
05/03/2012 - By Paul Williams

Weigh In - If you were to live anywhere....

If you were to live anywhere your heart desired, where would that be?

The ancient philosopher Saint Augustine once said, The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. (Thankfully for Monmouth County, this  winters page was not quite as white as last years.) With 196 countries that have innumerable varieties of cities, cultures, climates, cuisines, and landscapes, our world  sounds more like an entire library now than just the single book Augustine likened it to (unless he was referring to Prousts epic 4,211-page In Search of Lost Time.) Well give him a pass since most explorers through the 4th century were afraid theyd fall off the edge of the Earth if they travelled too far; however, his premise still  rings true today. Theres a large, vast, beautiful world out there, and we only see a small scope of it at a time.

As I traversed the four corners of our great county (we could write an entire book on Monmouth alone!) for a sampling of answers from residents enjoying the day at  our beaches, parks and shopping malls, I noticed some prevalent themes in their dream destinations. Almost every one of our participants desired to live in a warm, comfortable climate near the ocean. Who can blame them? Many also needed to live amongst friendly neighbors, great food, and a diversity of entertainment options.  And whether its where they live now, where they were raised, or where their lineage hails from, just like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, some of them felt theres no  place like home.

So, before the comfortable, ideal weather of another Jersey summer arrives, try to envision where you would like to live permanently, if given the choice. Also keep in  mind that its never too early to book your next winter vacation.



Somewhere out west in either San Diego or Los Angeles. Its got a great climate, with a mild winter and good surf.

- Dan Casselli

The Tuscany region of Italy. It has the best food in the world and some of the friendliest people in the world.

- William Santanglo


I would be just fine here in Holmdel. The school systems are great, and Holmdel Park is beautiful and so close to home.

- Mary Ann Anshelelwitz


Ive travelled around and I would say Tel Aviv, Israel. Its a chic city and has a perfect climate.

- Joel Markel


Ill live anywhere where there are palm trees, blue water, and warm weather. You dont have to shovel heat.

- Jerry Almpi

Colts Neck

We would like to go back to Poland. Its a totally different lifestyle over there. People spend as much of their free time as they can with nature, and we love the  outdoors.

- Mike and Agnest K

Old Bridge

I would just like to live anywhere in nature. I love the tranquility of it. I could listen to the chirping of the birds all day.

- Sriran Rajappa

Australia. Ive wanted to live there since I was little. The reefs are beautiful, and Id love to explore the desert and see the famous opera house.

- Amanda Merced


Christchurch, New Zealand. Ive read and heard a lot about it from other people and it sounds like an ideal place to live. Its got good weather, great scenery close to  the shore, and friendly people.

- Anne Kingshott


You cant beat Hawaii. Tropical climate means great weather, palm trees, and the ocean. Theres nothing better.

- Rick Kingshott


New York City. Its such a cultural and cosmopolitan hot spot. Its a city of action, and with all the diversity, its always exciting.

- Dan Celenti


Fort Lauderdale, FL. The east coast water is so warm there, and the weather is always consistent.

- Jeff and Connie Hitt

Red Bank

Id love to live in Greece. Thats where my lineage is. The cleanliness of the country is outstanding. The people and the food there cant be topped.

- Tom K

No Picture

St. Martin or St. Thomas. I was there once on vacation and it was breathtaking. I wish I could go back forever.

- Ashley Ferrera


Id be fine in Point Pleasant. Ive lived there for 51 years and I love it. Its close to the water, and just a great place to live.

- Betty Mazich

Point Pleasant

Italy. Ive travelled all over the world, and I would say Italy. Its got some of the best history of any country in the world.

- David Laverde

No Picture

Arizona. I grew up there and have never been anywhere else that made me as happy. The people are friendly and mountains and rocks are amazing.

- Maureen Curt

Spring Lake

Brooklyn, NY. Its not homogenized like other parts of the country. The cultures are so diverse, and with the urban atmosphere, youll always find something to do, but  its not as crowded as Manhattan.

- Larry L.


Id like to stay right here in the United States. This is one of the most stable countries in the world, and the opportunities we have are unmatched.

- Gerard I.

No Picture

Being Jewish, I would say Israel. Ive been there before and I love being there around the great cuture. I could stay there forever.

- Joeseph E. Ramapo

Long Branch
No Picture

South Carolina, near the Appalachian Mountains. It has some of the cleanest, serene scenery in our country.

- Karen March

Colts Neck
No Picture

Right here in New Jersey. Weve got it all: The ocean, mountains, and were close to Atlantic City, New York, and Philadelphia. Theres no shortage of entertainment here.

- Richard R.


The Amalfi Coast in Italy. Id love to move there, buy a villa and a farm and just live off of nature like the Native Americans did here.

- Rosa I.



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