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Weigh In Marlboro: Whats Your Inner Animal?
01/09/2008 - By Lauren Covino

Weigh In Marlboro: Whats Your Inner Animal?

LICN decided to chat with Colts Neck locals about which animal best describes their persona, and here is what residents offered...

Ever wonder where the expressions stubborn as a mule, sly like a fox, or busy as a bee come from? They probably developed hundreds of years ago when animals and man walked the earth as one (perhaps not that poetic, but you get the point!), and we still use these silly comparisons today to show how similar animals and humans really are. According to a recent program on the PBS Educational Broadcasting Corporation titled, Nature: Inside the Animals Mind, experts determine that to some degree animals do share the same habits and, yes, even emotions as most humans. In addition, Native Americans believe that each human being is distinctly tied to an animal totem a unique and spiritual animal sense within us all. Are you a bear at dinner time longing for that delicious feast or a cat that tends to be much pickier about food selections? Do you see yourself on vacation as a seal basking in the sun or a monkey goofing off and partying? Finally, are you the tortoise or the hare? Some of us feel like a different animal every day, sometimes several throughout the same day! Regardless, it feels liberating to unleash that inner creature from time to time.Living InColts Neck's LaurenCovinodecided to chat with locals and allow them to share what animal best describes their persona: burly, brown bear or cute, cuddly kitten whichever they felt to be most appropriate. Here are the responses: Im most like a loon bird because I can be a little loony. Bob Nissini. My boss says I am most like a turtle, very slow and calm. Gina Pegeen. (No picture) Well, dogs are my favorite animal and I seem to relate to them. Sarah Vanderbuilt. Lately Ive been feeling like a hamster, running endlessly on a wheel. Tony Drayton. (No picture) I am a grizzly bear big and strong. Nick DiNapoli . Im definitely like a chameleon and can blend into any situation. James Leary (No picture). A horse is most comparable to the type of person I am; protective. Ruben Campos. I am just like my little kitten soft and cuddly. Donna Santonello (No picture) . Im most like a horse because at times I will stand strong, but sometimes I get scared and run the other way! Becky Collins. Sometimes Im like a cat and want to be left alone, while other times Im just like a dog I need all the attention in the world. Marissa Lorenzo (No picture). Id like to be a bird so I can fly anywhere and see everything in the world. Nicole Conniff . The animal that best describes me is a cheetah because I was always the fastest runner in high school and college. Alexandra Collandro (No picture). I think a brown bear is most similar to me because they are strong and fast. Matt Conniff . My favorite food in the whole world is cheese, so Id have to say a mouse best describes me. Erika McFadden (No picture). Monkeys are intelligentthats me! Jordan Hesslein. I love panda bears and really relate to their innocence when theyre babies. Michelle Pluchino (No picture). My wife says I am like a koala bear and always willing to give a hug. Paul White (No picture) . Probably most like a mother lion; I protect and defend my young while remaining strong and loving. Pam Wood. I would have to say a giraffe since Ive always been extremely tall and still love to wear high heels. Tracey DiMatteo (No picture). I tend to open up my big mouth and say things I shouldnt say. Ive been called the giant elephant in the room! George Harrison (No picture). I think Im like a lion cause Im brave and outgoing. Paige Hakim. I would definitely have to say a dolphin, because when I laugh really really hard it sounds like oneso Ive been told. Lauren Donavan. (No picture) My animal totem is a gopher, actually; they like to burrow and stand their ground, so that sounds like me. Tom Lupo. I always have a million things on my plate so I would definitely have to say a bee; a very, very busy bee. Jacob Martin (No picture). A bull because it takes a long time to get me angry, but once I am Bob Zander. I am always late, so a turtle. I take my time with everything. Michael Kaufmann (No picture) . A lemming best describes me because I do whatever my lovely wife says! Frank Pagano. I am like a snake: sneaky and youll never hear me coming. Joan Thomas (No picture). I think a pit bull is the best animal to represent myself. If you put me in a ring and back me against a wall I will come out fighting until you wish you had never bothered with me in the first place! Anthony Geradino (No picture). Id like to say a monkey because I like to have a lot of fun! Stephanie Pagano. I think I am very mouse-like. I can fit through almost any opening as big as my head and I am extremely resourceful. Jenny Bloom (No picture). I would also have to say a dog because I am a loyal person. Robin Vanderbuilt . A fish; yes, definitely, a fish. I love the water and always dream that I could breathe underwater. Kenny McGuire(No picture).I like to do whatever I want, just like a monkey. Alexa Glynn. Sunbathing is my favorite thing to do, so I most relate to a seal! Dru Holden (No picture). Im like a dolphin because they make people happy and always like to have fun. Michelle Church. Im a great climber like an ape. Monica Finizio (No picture). Im a panda definitely I like to sleep a lot. Frankie Rodriguez. My mother calls me a fish all the time because I love to swim. Megan Dellany (No picture). Like my brother, I love to sleep and am most like a cat. Selena Rodriguez. I am a loyal person, so I would have to say a dog. Christy Semona (No picture). Maybe I am like a lioness because I enjoy lying around, but can always be intense and ferocious. Jessica Glynn. Im like a little chipmunk, always rushing around and taking little nibbles of food when I get a chance. Genelle Romo (No picture). Id have to say a gazelle, because with five children I have to bounce and spring all over the place like them! Alfredo Generoso. I like to keep to myself and have been called mysterious maybe a wolf is most like me. Brad Kline (No picture). A snake because I was born in the year of the snake! Tristan Hotung-Shea. I think a pit bull is the best animal to represent my totem. If you put me in a ring and back me against a wall I will come after you until you concede, or at least until you cry. Gerard Lotusa (No picture). My keen sense of smell makes me most like a dog. I can smell my moms cooking a mile away! Andrew Shokey (No picture) . When I was little, I used to bite people and my family always called me a shark! Ray Strahonus (No picture). I think I am very mouse-like. I can fit through almost any opening as big as my head and I am ex-tremely resourceful. Jenny Bloom (No picture). Im constantly bouncing around and in a hurry, like a rabbit! Jill Mendes . I love drinking milk, so most definitely would have to admit I am most like a cow. Sarah Lang (No picture). Im most like a lion because I can be gentle, but fierce at times. Michael Mendes. I guess I am like a bear because I can be sweet and cuddly, but also angry and strong. Kevin OConner (No picture). I love to run, so definitely a cheetah. Alyssa Lee (No picture). A catobviously! Sometimes Im very affectionate and other times I just like to be left alone! Cat Grochowski. I tend to think Im like a deer gentle, quiet, and graceful, but I can be easily spooked. Stephanie Prudenta (No picture). I love butterflies, so would like to be most compared to them. Theyre so beautiful and at peace in this most chaotic world. Julie Curry (No picture. ) I would like to be most like a turtle because they live the longest. Tony Sorbara . I can have sharp claws like a cat but also be very kind-hearted and soft. Bet Myer (No picture). I have an appetite like a dog; I just keep eating and eating. Michael Mott (No picture). Im one of the tallest girls in my class, so the giraffe has got to be my animal relative. Cortney Grosman (No picture). Cheese is my favorite food and I eat small portions, so people tease me and say I am a mouse at heart. Melissa Tardio (No picture). I eat like a pig so maybe that is my inner animal. Andrew Carpus (No picture). I have a ton of energy like a puppy and love to run around. Allisyn Abrams. Panda bears are very playful and so adorable, so Id like to be one of them. Jami Parker (No picture). I am like a snake: sneaky and youll never hear me coming. Krista Thomas (No picture) . With my curly hair and the fact that I am so outspoken, I would have to say I am most like a lion. Lauren Coscia. I always have a million things on my plate; so a bee... Jacob Martin (No picture). A monkey, because I like to have fun! Ali Brollen (No picture). Definitely a pussycat because I am so sweet and cuddly! Gary Kaufmann. I like leopard print clothing and sometimes I look like one. Regina Phillips (No picture). Obviously a lion Im king of the jungle! Joe Truisi Lately Ive been feeling like a jellyfish lazy and like Im merely floating through space. Bill Carter (No picture) Im thinking a fish since I would like to go anywhere I please and I also like to swim. Nick Truisi Im extremely stubborn, so what else but a mule? Catherine Bruno: (No picture) I am most like a dog because they are my favorite animal and I like to think I am a loyal person. Joseph Truisi I am loyal, so a dog. Christy Semona (No picture) If I could change into any animal, I would love to be a bird because right now I am afraid of flying! That would certainly help me get over the fear. Linda Truisi Im always looking for a good time and to have fun, so I am most like a dolphin. Anna Rimerez (No picture) When Im not working at Antonios in Marlboro, I am most like a cat I like my own personal space and can be somewhat particular. Linda Toranto I just love cats and have so many similar personality traits; I would have to say them. Vicki Bermudez (No picture) I am most like a bear because I am loveable. Victor Bermudez I never really slow down, and some of my friends say that I can be a bit on the manic side, so an animal that best de-scribes me would have to be the Tasmanian devil! Morgan Lang (No picture) Monkeys love to climb and thats me! Anthony Scavone When I was little I always used to mimic other people, so maybe a Scarlet Macaw, a conure or better yet an African Grey could be my relative animal. Jeannette Lee (No picture) Since I am constantly forgiving and loveable, I am most similar to mans best friend, a dog. Adele Scavone Im probably most like a hare, always trying to finish the race first, without evaluating the circumstances. Jonathan Grossman (No picture) Im kind of like a bull in a china shop I break everything! Dan Scavone I love to jump on my moms bed and she calls me a kangaroo. Mike Candellaria (No picture) People have said I run like an antelope very gracefully, with long strides. Kelly Dunbar (No picture) I would compare myself to a koala bear because I love to sleep and relax. Alex Kracoff My girlfriend affectionately calls me a gorilla because Im very hairy and I can get territorial if I feel someone is invading my space! Adam DiMateo (No picture) Well, I like to goof off all the time, so I would have to say a monkey. Matt Freyer I guess Im kind of like a pig because I love to eat. Todd Lyons (No picture) Oh, busy as a beaver; thats definitely me. Christina Stoffo (No picture) I am a big, fat, juicy turkeyscared of so many things! Cat Hamlin (No picture) I always like to wear bright colors and sometimes can be compared to a peacock. Sarah Stott (No picture) I love to cuddle, so I would have to say a bunny rabbit. Andrea Rosini (No picture) Lying out in the sun is my favorite thing to do, so I most relate to a seal! Jason Krantz (No picture) A sloth probably, because I am very laid back and my friends say I move slowly. Tom Brindisi Im like a little chipmunk, always nervous and scurrying around, while taking little nibbles of food whenever I get a chance. David Hurrisey (No picture) I like to lay around a lot, so I am probably most like a cat. Steven Garrett I love butterflies, so would like most to be compared to them. Theyre so beautiful and at peace in this most chaotic world. Julia Crammer (No picture)

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