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Weigh In - Musical Montage

Weigh In - Musical Montage

Ahhh, music...

...in any culture, any time period, anywhere in the world, people love it. From tribal drums to synthesizer, big band to hip-hop, country ballads to heavy metal, everybody loves some type of music. But very few people love everything, and some people are very particular about not only the kind of music they like, but who plays itand whenand where. Were not interested in the top 40 hits here, but in what endures; what people have in their mind when they think of music. To borrow from a previous Weigh-In question, it might be the one piece of music theyd choose if they were stuck on a deserted island. LICN interviewed a number of our readers to find out who theyd pick, and why.



Ludwig Van Beethoven. I love his musicbut not all of his stuff. The odd numbered symphonies by Herbert von Karajan and the Berlin Philharmonic, with the exception of the C-Minor symphony thats his Fifth Symphony, first movement I want that by Leonard Bernstein only.

Eddie Walker

My favorite musical artist is Led Zeppelin I just like the guitar playing and the drummings amazing and the singing is unique. I appreciate it a lot and I enjoy it when I listen to it.

Lucas Dalakian

Guns and RosesI really like their guitar work, by Slash.

Matt Natale

 My favorite group is Sigur Ros, from Icelandvery original; they have good texture with the melody. New Age.

Tommy Bartell


Atreyu theyre hard-core.

Jeanne Hodnovich
My favorite musical artist is the Rascal Flats because they have a song about almost any topic in the world.

Sonia Buchereau

Id have to go with Judas Priest. I just like the way that they change with the times; they go from classic 70s metal all the way to the current 2006 thrash metal.

Chris Grajewski

My favorite artist is Elton John. I saw him in 1971 in San Diego, again in 1987, and in 97 in Madison Square Garden. I grew up in the flower child era in the 60s and 70s, so he was right up my alley.

Bill Potts


My favorite musical artist is Stars Theyre so unique, different from any other music Ive heard. Calm, but upbeat.

Evan Brandeis

The Eagles; because Hotel California is the lifetime, all-time most awesome song ever made.

Glen Dalakian

Django Reinharta gypsy from France, born in 1910, he was probably the greatest guitar player that ever livedhe played with Duke Ellingtons band, he played with everybody you heard him in the first cartoons when you were growing up.

Michael Newman

My favorite musical artist is without doubt B. B. King, who Ive had the pleasure of meeting on several occasions and who seems to be an upstanding human being. I find no other musician as hospitable as B. B. King.

Charlie Cox

(No picture) 

Whitney HoustonI think shes a beautiful lady and her music is just wonderful, beautiful very soulful.

Sharon Walker

Say Anything I love the lyricsI think theyre just amazing. It just resounds really amazing in my head.

Justin Stander

The Allman Brothers Bandthe musicianship is just absolutely incredibly top-notch; has been for yearsa lot of fun to listen to.

Jack Sharkey

(No picture) 

Bruce Springsteen. I love Brucehes a Jersey guy and hes for the working class people.

Lisa Herrmann

Neil DiamondI have every one of his albums. I just love all of his music, and hes a good old Brooklyn boy; what more can you ask for?!

Diane Valenti

The Allman Brothers. I really like their classical rock style of music.

Kevin Kleiman

The Jamtheyre just amusinga Brit pop punk band. Eton Rifles is their rugby chant.

Paul McGarry

You cannot pick one, but if I had to, Jimi Hendrix, [especially] Little Wing.

Mark Squicciarini

Whats in my CD player right now: Newfound Glory. I think its a great CD.

Chris Stacey

(No picture)

AFIthe lead singer is hot. I love the fact that you cant tell if hes gay or bisexual or straight.

Jillian Rios

The Buggles; their Video Killed the Radio Star was the first video played on MTV.

Peter Elliott

The Nitty Gritty Dirt BandI wish I could see them in concert. Theyre country music, kind of peppy.

Rich Osovitz

U2great music, good lyrics, great guitar work, great drumming, got a great sound.

Brian Katz

(No picture)

Anything by Alice in Chains or G and R. These bands ROCK!!

Allyson Simone


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