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Weigh In - Superheroes in Training

Weigh In - Superheroes in Training

Invulnerability, X-ray vision, super-speed, and the ability to fly are some of legendary superhero Supermans extraordinary powers. However, while Superman
was able to dodge death by bullets, knives and even fire and it took a hunk of...

...kryptonite to harm him he still had some of the qualities of mortal man.

Superpowers are something that we have all aspired to have at some point in time. Whether to heal the sick or just to have the best party trick, having a superpower would definitely be awesome! But though it would be great to be able to leap a tall building in a single bound and dress in a flashy costume, the fact remains that superheroes have their daily problems, too. For example, superheroes are always taking risks. Plus, they are never able to have their own personal relationships because they are too busy fighting crime.

Pitfalls aside, being able to make yourself invisible and having the ability to fly would definitely be cool skills to have. Living in Monmouth hit the streets to find out which superhero powers people would like to have if they could and why. Take a look!



The ability to grant wishes for myself and others so everyone could always get what they wanted.

Jill Lagrippo

Being able to read peoples minds and knowing what everyone was thinking about.

Erika Baselice
 If I didnt have any video games I would like them to just pop up in my hands out of nowhere.

Bryce Richardson

The ability to just snap my fingers and get and go anywhere without worrying about being late.

Angela Gregorio

I would like the ability to fly so I could go anywhere I wanted without having a car.

Lauren McCue

(No picture)

Shapeshifting would be a great superhero power to have because I would be able to fit into any area by changing the structure of my body from big to small or vice versa.

Elizabeth Leona


I would have to say the ability to read minds because you would know exactly what someone was thinking.

Denise Bass

(No picture)


The ability to alter outcomes of things instead of being an expert in probable matters.

Tara Reidman

I would like to have the ability to be able to cure cancer.

Karyn Jeffery

(No picture) I would like to have the ability to communicate with animals so I would know exactly what my cat and dog were thinking.

Shannon McDonough

(No picture)
The ability to sense danger so I could keep my children and those close to me out of harms way.

Seth Barren

(No picture)


I would like to create illusions just to plainly trick people.

Garret Smith

(No picture)
Telescopic vision so I could see into outer space better.

Samantha Lohan

(No picture)
If I could have any superpower it would have to be the ability to be telekinetic so I could bring things to me without lifting a finger.

Barbara Wilson

 I would like to be invisible so I could do whatever, whenever.

Luciana Merlo

(No picture) 

The ability to duplicate myself so I could take a day to relax from the everyday stresses that we all face.

Gary Taylor

Invisibility so I could go wherever I wanted without anyone noticing.

Jacquelyn Garcia

(No picture)
The power to heal all those who are suffering from any type of terminal illness.

Leslie Ray

I would like to fly so I could travel and see the world.

Owence Pascal

(No picture)

I would like to have the power of superspeed so I could get anywhere in seconds.

Lance Strauss

(No picture)
Mind controlI could make people do random, funny things.

Steven Bennett

(No picture)


I would like the ability to see into the future so I would know if I was going in the right direction.

Jaime Lee

(No picture)

The ability to end all of the hostilities in this world.

Danielle Card


The power to get rid of peoples problems.

Shaun Rodriguez

(No picture)

I would like to be able to teleport myself to the location of my choice.

Kelly West
(No picture)

To change form so you could get access to places that you wouldnt normally be able to get access to.

Gerri Purcell
(No picture)

Superstrength so I could help those in distress.

Cynthia Drummond
(No picture)

I would have to say I would love to have Aquamans powers. Not only could he control water molecules, he could also communicate with sea creatures of all kinds. I could protect the animals that are being killed by toxic chemicals or save the lifeforms that are being overfished or illegally captured and killed.

Kristen Maguire

To fly so I can go to places anytime I wanted to.

Andy Velba

(No picture)

If I could have any superhero power it would have to be luck, because right now I dont have any.

Helen Rankin
(No picture)

I would definitely like to have the power to see into the future. Then I would know which stocks to buy or sell and I could bet the farm on all games, races, and events to win.

John Margolio
(No picture)

It would have to be the ability to read minds. Then I could help treat all of the mentally disabled so they can live a healthier life.

Rose Klive

Flying; because Im pretty slow and I would be able to get to places faster.

Kenny Tindal

The ability to read minds so I could prepare for whats going to happen.

Albert Adams

 I would like to run really fast so I could get from here to there in no time.

Christopher Harrigan

Being invisible would be pretty cool because sometimes I just dont  want people to see me.

Dylan Aidlen

My superpower would be to fly so you dont have to worry about walking anywhere.

Stephanie Koenig

(No picture) Encyclopedic knowledge so I would never have to worry about passing a test. And I could go on game shows like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and win a ton of money.

Kristina Calico

 I would like to be like the bionic woman because I would be able to get things done a lot faster.

Jean Bredbenner

(No picture)

I would like to master martial arts so I could be super fit, fast, balanced, and have the ability to concentrate.

Travis Barker

 I would like to be invisible so I could hear what everyone was saying about me without them noticing that I was there, and I would be able to see what my kids were doing at all times.

Jackie Harrigan

(No picture) Extreme popularity I would never have to worry about making friends and everyone would envy me.

LeeAnn Leona

(No picture)

Incredible balance, because I am pretty clumsy.

Barbara Talsa

 (No picture)
The ability to create brick walls so that if someone was after me the wall would slow them down.

Shawn Pinta

(No picture)

Telescopic vision so I could see into outer space better.

Samantha Lohan


The ability to read anyones mind. I think having that kind of power would help to create better communication in the world because we would already know whats bothering people and we would be better able to solve the problem.

Marcus Lumpuy

(No picture)

Instant language understanding so that I could be the worlds highest paid interpreter.

Missy Evans

(No picture)


I would like to be the worlds greatest escape artist so I could amaze people.

John Lindenboom

Teleportation, so I could go anywhere at any given moment in time.

Bill Harrigan

 The ability to duplicate myself so the clone would do everything and the original could finally get to relax.

Doug Macaulay

(No picture)


Having enhanced senses would be pretty neat because I would be able to sense danger, taste better, and smell my grandmothers home cooking in North Carolina.

Bryan Lynch

(No picture)

Superhuman handeye coordination so I could be the ultimate athlete.

Jim Birch

(No picture)

The superhero power I would choose is to have a photographic memory.

Larry Kelly

If I could have any superpower it would have to be willpower because that is the strongest power of them all.

Brandon James
(No picture) I would like to have the ability to control the weather; that way I would never have to worry about what to wear.

Tanya Gay

(No picture)

I would like to be able to fly because I would save on airfare and I could go wherever I wanted to.

James Cruz

Id like to run fast so I could keep up with my brothers.

Trevor Navarro

(No picture)

Maybe, just supersonic hearing. This way I could listen in on conversations.

Carrie Clapper


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