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Weigh In - What childhood toy do you still have or wish you still had?
03/05/2009 - By Teja Anderson

Weigh In - What childhood toy do you still have or wish you still had?

This issue’s Weigh In question was nice and light-hearted – a pleasant change for everyone.

It seemed like practical­ly everyone we asked was willing to take a trip down memory lane. In fact, the only people who didn’t want to have their photos and names in print were the ones who missed or still had their security blankets. And, for the record, there were quite a few of them! So if you are still holding on to your beloved “blankie” please know that you are not alone.

Hands down, dolls were the most popular, for both females and males. However, while women had a variety of different dolls – Barbie®, Cabbage Patch®, Ginny Dolls, Crissy®, Raggedy Ann, Polly Pockets®, and more – guys had only one doll of choice – G. I. Joe® – and many still have them. It was not a surprise at all that Barbie took top honors as the most popular doll with the ladies; Barbie celebrates her 50th birthday this year! The immense popularity of Mattel’s iconic doll is mostly due to her ability to reflect the changing world of women and appeal to girls of all ages. Barbie has seen it all, comes in all different skin and hair colors, and represents a wide variety of careers. Yes, even a Presidential Barbie came out last year!


When I was younger I had a bunch of Lionel Trains. I gave them to my cousin, then more recently I started col­lecting trains again. I asked my cousin what happened to my old ones and he couldn’t find them.

-Sal Barbagallo

I wish I still had my Pogo Stick. Living in the city, that was what you did all sum­mer…just bounced a­round. I’m into fitness

now so I could really use it again. I probably broke it or wore it out, I used it so much.

-Dina Ryan

My red chopper bike. I still ride it all the time.

-Kevin Kelly

My wrestling action figure. I lost it when I was 5 years old.

-Anthony Romano

My Crissy Doll, the one with the hair that you pulled and it grew. I loved that doll.

I don’t know where it went…probably got thrown out.

-Dawn Katz

That’s easy. My G.I. Joe®, with his dress Marine uniform. It was the sharpest thing…you could take the stripes off. I gave it to my neighbor.

-Allan Ryan

A Penny doll. It was like a Dawn doll, but it was in the 70’s; she was a little skinny doll.

I don’t have her any more, but I wish I did.

-Janie Pinter

My mother encouraged us to go outside and play with other kids so she would have peace and quiet. Growing up in Rumson there was always plenty to do outdoors…no reason to be indoors.

-Nancy Goss

The Rock ’Em Sock ’Em Robots™! Remember, the red guy and the blue guy that boxed each other? I think they went in a garage sale.

-Frank Valentino

My H.O. slot cars. I had the little track when I was a kid and I loved it; it was my passion. I used to play with it for hours and hours.

-Claude Ranieri

My Ginny dolls, I col­lected them. I still have a bunch, and my granddaughter plays with them. She calls them “the girls”!

-Ann Hager

My Sit ’N Bounce. I don’t have any idea what happened to it.

-Stephen Leighton

The Bloop! It was an air-operated device with this cone on the front, and you blew it up and never knew exactly when it would pop! I used it to hit my sister Audrey in the head. I’ve looked for another one all over on eBay® and everything. You can’t find it.

-Frank Pagano

My Sony Playstation® and some of the games; like I wish I still had Twisted Metal. I think my younger cousins borrowed it …permanently if you know what I mean.

-Anthony Mezzasalma

My Easy Bake Oven. I have so many fond memories of baking with my grandmother and making a mini version with my oven!

-Teresa Archer

(No picture)

My see-saw. It broke and I was very sad.

-Victoria Romano


Those model collector cars with the numbers. I have over 120 of them, I still kept them for my son to have.

-Kevin Lee

I was never really into toys, but I loved the

dice game Ludie. You can play with 2 to 4 people, and it’s very competitive; you can get very upset. I still play it sometimes.

-Sheron Hyman

I would say that game A Barrel of Monkeys. I remember playing it a lot, and I loved it!

-Kevin Nesci

Gumby®! And Pokey® the orange horse! They helped me through a lot of lonely

days. I’d love to have them again.

-Brian Croak

I still have my Star Wars® Millennium Falcon and all my Star Wars action fig­ures, with the cases.

Of course, they are all played with and are missing some parts, but I still have them all. That was from the summer of ’78.

-Todd Smith

Lite Brite®. I still have pieces of it; it fell apart too easily. They should come up with a better made one, not made out of cheap plastic.

-Jared Buchansky

The game The Straw That Broke The Camel’s Back and my old H.O. trains. I don’t know what hap­pened to those; it’s a family mystery.

-Paul Sita

A gun called the Johnny 7. It could be seven dif­ferent weapons – a mis­sile launcher, a grenade launcher, a rifle, a cap gun, a machine gun, and a torpedo launcher. I forget the last thing; it was great! I wish I still had it.

-Tom Marsillo

My original Atari 2600™. I still have it, but it’s not at my house.  

-Nelson Cunha

G.I. Joes. I still have about half a dozen of them up in my mom’s attic, I haven’t seen them in a while, but I know they are still there.

-George Kourides

I have a stuffed rab­bit; it has a rattle in it, but there isn’t much stuffing left.

-Lindsay Prewitt

My Speed Racer car. I don’t know where it went.

-Lloyd S.

I still have all my Matchbox® cars, even my Datsun™. It’s silver, with orange and yellow racing stripes.

-Mara Kraushaar

I wish I still had my baseball cards. My mother cleaned out the attic, and they dis­appeared.

-Jim Pike

My Evel Knievel motor­cycle. You wound it up, then put it down, and off it went. It was pretty cool.

-Danny Quagliato

My bike – my two wheeler. It was a hand­me-down from my cousin. I had it till I moved on to a car.

-Al Bresnick 


Legos or KNEX™. I wish I still had them, but now my place is too small.

-Jack McKee

Chatty Cathy® and Midge, Barbie’s friend. Oh, and Tressy® with the big blonde hair that grew if you pressed on her stomach!

-Vanessa  Sullivan

Patty Play Pal®. She was like 3 feet tall, as big as me. You could walk with her and hold her hand. She had bangs and straight brown hair.

-Adele Ryan

My Betty Crocker Easy Bake Oven! I never used the oven though; we used to just eat all the stuff raw – the gel, the cookie batter, the cake mix...yum!

-Karyn Jarmer

I wish I still had the original Nintendo®, the one before the Wii®. You know, old school, with the power pan.

-Sara Tischler

I used to have these cowboy sets, but you had to buy every piece individually…the hats, the horses, the saddles, the rifles, the bridles. It took a while to collect them all. As a matter in fact, I still have some of them in that box over there. I can’t seem to throw them away!

-Jim McCabe

I still have my Barbies and the wardrobe box they came in…the clothes, the shoes, everything. It’s this big square cube and it’s all marked with magic marker with my name.

-Maureen Freeman

My Strawberry Short Cake® dolls; they were my favorites. I had the house, all of the dolls…my mom may still have them.

-Ann Lalley

I had a Thumbelina doll that had a chair and was on the atten­dance list in my kindergarten class. One day we had a substitute who made me put her on the shelf. When I went to get her at the end of the day she was gone. People have tried over the years to get me a replacement, but it was never the right kind (mine wiggled when you pulled her string and had dark hair…anyone?)

-Dianne Bolsch

Something my father gave me [that] you can’t get anymore…a little cast-iron cannon. You used to have to buy a tube of gun pow­der for it. I still have it, but it doesn’t work.

-John Kamna

I had this rag doll named Sally that I got when I was five. She had to be constantly repaired and have her yarn hair replaced. One year, for Christmas, my grandmother made me a bathrobe and she made a matching one for Sally too! I still have her.

-Mary-Michele Morrall

One of the few toys I actually remember was this little Disney Pluto® doll with a string that had a weight on it that you hung over the table and he would walk. My dad got it for me when I was sick with the measles. I have no idea what happened to it.

-Kevin Morrall

My Strawberry Short Cake Big Wheel®. It was the light of my life for years. I loved going down the driveway and then slamming on the breaks and you could make plastic skid marks! I have no idea where it is now.

-Jen Borkoski

Are you kidding me? My Teddy Roosevelt teddy bear. It would be worth a fortune now!

-Mauricette Caruana

(No picture)

My little green army men and the Lego® guys; but my brother melted all of them!

-Sara Beveridge

I am very proud of my Raggedy Ann collec­tion! I still have it up in the attic.

-Jill Jones

(No picture) 


I wish I still had this little cotton doggie that I used to have.

-Michael Schwegler

I wish I still had my Fisher Price® Little People House.

-Debra Klein

I still have every-thing…all my toys. My favorites are my Cabbage Patch dolls and my Polly Pockets. I have all of them, every one. I have all the gear too.

-Maria Dusko

My Popple! It was this pink teddy bear that rolled up into a ball. I slept with it every night until high school. I still have it…it’s on my bookshelf at home.

-Rachel Strohl

My little Honda mini bike. It was really cool; it was green. My par­ents threw it out.

-Rick Patufka

My fishing pole!

-John Stockert

My blanket…my secu­rity blanket. I wish I still had it, but it’s in an incinerator in New York City. My mom recently gave me a replacement one with green satin trim.

-Jennifer Abrams

My army men. Those little green guys with the weapons sealed on them, and the little foot rests. I used to chew on them though, so they weren’t worth saving. 

-Robert Jones

(No picture)

My G.I. Joe!

-Hal Angel

I still have them – my twin Cabbage Patch dolls. They have two teeth in the front, and red hair in pigtails.

-Freya Markowitz

I wish I still had my sled. It was one of those wooden Radio Fliers®…not like the plastic ones they have now. It was a great sled.  

-Allan Peters

My sister took all my stuff – all my toys – and ruined them. I took really good care of my things, and then she came along and my mom gave her every­thing – my dolls and stuffed animals. I don’t have anything left to pass on to my kids.

-Maura Evans

(No picture)

My Mr. Eggman. I still have it. He’s like this Humpty Dumpty little doll, shaped like an egg, with a crack in him.

-Aprilynn Raslowsky

I still have my Star Wars® Millennium Fal­con and all my Star Wars action figures, with the cases. Of course, they are all played with and are missing some parts, but I still have them all. That was from the summer of ’78.

-Todd Smith

(No picture)

My bicycle. It was a black 10-speed. I don’t know what hap­pened to it.

-Mike Patel

My H.O. slot cars. I had the little track when I was a kid and I loved it; it was my passion. I used to play with it for hours and hours.

-Claude Ramone

(No picture)

I wish I still had my Barbie Dream House®. I still have all my Barbies, but I don’t have the house any more.

-Danielle Spiller

My Crissy Doll, the one with the hair that you pulled and it grew. I loved that doll. I don’t know where it went…prob­ably got thrown out.

-Dawn Katz

(No picture)

My Nintendo 64®. My sister stepped on it and broke it.

-Keith Ottersen

(No picture)

Lincoln Logs. But they are all gone, along with all the other toys of my youth.

-Joe Szczecina

(no photo)

My Sea Monkeys. They were so cool. 

-Jess Straha

(no photo)


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