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Weigh In - What is Your Best April Fool’s Day Prank?
03/20/2011 - By Teja Anderson

Weigh In - What is Your Best April Fool’s Day Prank?

What is the Best April Fool’s Day Joke or Practical Joke You Ever Played or has Been Played on You?

We humans love to laugh and as often as not, at another person’s expense. Just look at all the television shows designed with that in mind. “Candid Camera,” “Bloopers and Practical Jokes,” “America’s Funniest Videos,” “The Jamie Kennedy Project,” “Punk’d,”  “Scare Tactics” and new this season, “I Get That A Lot.” Look up practical jokes on YouTube and your choices are endless, with many videos receiving millions of hits each. LivinginMedia.com thought it might be fun  to see what practical jokes and jokesters we had out there in Marlboro/Colts Neck/Holmdel or on the Jersey Shore. It turned out that many of you couldn’t remember what jokes had been done to you unless it was something really mean and unforgivable, but a lot of  you did remember great pranks you had pulled off. Men in particular want to be known for a really unforgettable prank and women mostly pulled them on their own children. Kids were the easiest. Their memories were better and they all had many funny things to  choose from.

The typical remembered April Fool’s Day morning of our youth often involved the old “Saran Wrap on the toilet seat trick” or the old “hose handle taped down on the sink prank.” Mothers and grandmothers seemed to be the ones who fell for those the most. Switching the salt and the sugar was a classic, and we enjoyed hearing about toothpaste-injected ice cream and Oreos® with the cream replaced with cream cheese.

For girlfriends and wives, telling your partners you were pregnant was a favorite, although most of you felt really bad about doing it and often didn’t want to be quoted or use your names. Boyfriends and men liked to first give a gag gift before the big surprise of the  hoped for engagement ring or real gift.

Just think, April 1st is the one day of the year when you can fib, prank, tease, trick and goof on your friends and loved ones without getting into too much trouble…and if you get it on film it could end up on television or YouTube!


Sometimes I chew up gum and then I put it back in the wrapper and give it to my Dad.

-Bailey Powers

When he was 12 my son put rubber bands on the sink hose the night before so when I got up on April Fool’s morning I got sprayed.

-Theo Papasavas

When I was driving to work I thought I heard these explosion noises and when I got to work my boss told me my college, Brookdale, had had a big fire.

-Matt Lyden

When my son was in grammar school he put Saran Wrap on the toilet seat and he got me!

-Lorraine Foley

Because I told my mom I was pregnant on April Fool’s Day she didn’t believe me - and I really was!

-Nancy Palumbo

I remember when I was a kid my mom put baby powder all over my dad’s pillow so when he got up in the morning he was all white, his face, his hair, everything!

-Mike Neto

It was April Fool’s Day so I told Matt (Lyden) when he got to work his college had had a big fire and that he couldn’t go back for two months. He believed me because he thought he heard it explode on his way to work.

-Savas Papasavas

I gave my girlfriend one of those fake scratch-off Lotto tickets and told her not to do it until after work. She called me from her car so excited that she won $10,000. She had the money spent already and was going to use it for a down payment on a house. I felt awful.

-Dennise Vega

Nothing, I can’t think of a single thing.

-Joan Lachiew

I got taken by the Wachovia Bank scam and they wiped out my bank account. The bartender at “Huddy’s” knew about it so when I paid with my credit card she came back and said it was rejected and that she had to cut it up. I was so upset I thought they had  messed up that account, too.

-Jack Duva

A friend of mine went on this blind date and it went really well so she invited him over for dinner. She made lobster and everything. The guy stood her up and so two weeks later she mailed him the lobster dinner!

-Donna Butcher

Every year when I was a kid I would switch the salt and the sugar and then tape the hose on the kitchen sink at my grandmother’s and every year she would fall for it. We would hear her screaming.

-Kendra Lacey

Dr. Young, my boss is always doing stuff to me; telling me I’m fired and not to bother coming back to work, putting popcorn in my shoes (which still smell), once he even put them in the freezer…..

-Connor Balog

I told my ex-husband that my house was on fire!

-Donna Wagner

My wife and kids set me up with one of those fake Lottery tickets and I thought I won like ten grand for a few minutes.

-Jimmy Somma

I did a really mean one to my husband last year on April Fool’s Day; I told him I was pregnant when I wasn’t. But this  year I happily am pregnant - with twins!

-Tiffany Cioffi

My first wife asked me to get married on April Fool’s Day and my second wife asked me for a divorce on April Fool’s  Day.

-Mark Colgrove

About ten years ago at Middlesex College someone must have switched the locker room signs and so I went into the  woman’s locker room. I get out of the shower and I see these two women from the back and I ran out of there so fast  they didn’t see me. You can get arrested for something like that nowadays.

-Tony Esculano

When I worked at the Mobil gas station on Route 36 my cousin pulled up and left his car running while he bought  cigarettes. I jumped in the car and drove it around the back. When he came out he thought it was stolen.

-Ronald Beharry

On April Fool’s Day my brother and I took the cream out of six Oreos® and put toothpaste in instead. Then we put them  back in the box and left it out on the table and my dad ate one and had to spit it out.

-Eric Bolsch

When my daughter Ariel was about eight we were watching the movie “The Luck of the Irish” and the guy turns into a  leprechaun. She knew we were Irish and I knew that one of her ears was a little pointy. So I pointed it out to her and she  thought she was turning into a leprechaun!

-Terri Mroz

When I was on the ruby tour in England we used to do the pan of cold water over the door all the time. That was always  pretty successful.

-John Hopkinson

Only amateurs pull pranks on April Fool’s Day when people are expecting it. We professionals do it the other 364 days of the year!

-Gerry Scala

I love April Fool’s Day but I just have too many silly things to think of just one good one…

-Judy Feinstein

My twin sister Elizabeth and I were born on April Fool’s Day….need I say more?

-Brendan Dunleavy

Once I taped the end of the toilet paper closed so my grandmother couldn’t get it off the roll at 2 o’clock in the morning!

-Lauren Holsey

Gluing a quarter to the floor and then watching and laughing when people try to pick it up!

-Sam McDonough

We play all kinds of practical jokes here at Amy’s; ice cubes in the apron pockets, pancakes in your purse, shaking the trays on your way out of the kitchen…..

-Jo Skinner

At a home football game by best friend Jimmy stole my $800 clarinet and then pretended to use it as a drum stick when he saw me looking at him. He had taped a black pillow to his drum so luckily my clarinet didn’t break!

-Amy Parent

When I was in sixth grade I stepped in dog poop but I didn’t realize it. I was sitting at my desk in school and my friend knew what had happened but he made everyone think that the smell was coming from my pants and not my foot. I was really upset about that for  a long time.

-Shannon Bradley

When my son was seven we went to Florida to visit my parents and my son really wanted to go to Universal Studios. We told him that it was closed so we were going to “Ned’s Bug Farm” instead. He was so disappointed but he tried to put on a good face. When  we got to Universal he was elated!

-Lindy Regan

My friend Diane always locks her keys in the car and then just calls OnStar® to unlock it, so I called her up and pretended that I was from OnStar® and that she had gone over her usage limit and that I would need her credit card to re-charge her or I was going to  shut her car down while she was driving! I had her going for quite a while, we were yelling back and forth at each other.

-Michael King

I was at the Getty station getting gas and this guy I know goes inside and leaves his car running so I jumped in his car and drove it around back and went back to my car. He comes out and he is talking and still doesn’t even notice his car is missing for a couple  minutes!

-Diane Tringola

My older brother Paul replaced my red cinnamon toothpaste with raw, red meat and as I wasn’t paying attention I started brushing 0my teeth with it. It was pretty gross.

-Joe Marino

We gave my little brother ice cream with toothpaste on top and he ate it thinking it was whipped cream and once I replaced the cream filling in a bunch of Oreos® with cream cheese and gave them to my sister!

- Lauren Britton

I don’t have anything! But now I will have to read this when it comes out to get ideas, I guess...

-Leah McCloskey

My cousins put fake maggots in my bed and on my pillow. I screamed like crazy!

-Rachel Nazzaro

When my son was little he waited until I was in the shower and then he put one of those fake snakes right outside of it on April Fool’s Day. He got me good.

-Lorraine Foley

I bought that fake chewed gum and the fake dog poop and I put it on my kids’ homework and on their beds.

-Robyn Cohen

I got this Whoopee Cushion, and I use it a lot, especially, on my grandparents! Once I put it under the couch cushion and my grandfather sat on it but he didn’t even hear it.

-Jaqueline Carell

As payback for taking everything out of my sister’s room last April Fool’s Day and putting it in the basement, this year she put laxatives in my breakfast cereal. It was a pretty rough morning…

-Matt Casarola

On Christmas my daughter wanted a Nintendo DS® but we let her open all of her presents and it wasn’t there. She was really disappointed but she handled it well and then I told her to go get her dad’s gift from his office and it was the Nintendo DS®...

-Jessie Nazzaro

My girlfriend’s husband sent out invites to her 40th surprise party, but when we all got there and went to surprise her when she came in the front door, she came down the  stairs behind us and surprised all of us.

-Joanie Sierp

I had this party at my apartment in the city and I am very particular about how all my little knickknacks are positioned. Well, after the party I noticed that everyone had been moving them around.

-Cheryl Metzger

Every year when I was a kid I would switch the salt and the sugar and then tape the hose on the kitchen sink at my grandmother’s and every year she would fall for it we would hear her screaming.

-Kendra Lacey


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