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Weigh In - What's Your Favorite Pizza Place in Monmouth County?
04/26/2010 - By Teja Anderson

Weigh In - What's Your Favorite Pizza Place in Monmouth County?

What is Your Favorite Pizza Place in Monmouth County
and What makes it So Good?

The worldís first true pizzeria is thought to be Antica Pizzeria PortíAlba which opened in 1830 and is still in business today at Via  PortíAlba in Naples, Italy. An Italian immigrant, Gennaro Lombardi, opened the first U.S. pizzeria in Little Italy, Manhattan just  over one hundred years ago. Itís not surprising that with a large population of folks who can trace their lineage back to Italy in  Monmouth County there are hundreds of great pizzerias around here to choose fromÖ.not that you have to be Italian to love pizza!

Itís no shock that almost everyone out there loves pizza; kids and grownup alike. But who serves the best? Living in Media/LivinginMedia.com set out to find the pizzerias our readers were crazy about. Although most of you picked local places due to  convenience (letís face it; pizza is a quick and easy meal choice for our busy lives) we found folks in every town who were more than  willing to travel far from home to enjoy the ultimate pizza. There were several clear winners; Pete and Eldaís in Neptune, Federiciís  Pizza in Freehold, Deninoís in Aberdeen and either Luigiís or Attilios in various towns. If you have yet to try any of these popular  pizza joints, it might just be worth the trip!

So what makes for a great pizza? That depends on your age mostly. It turns out that itís all about the crust. Adults like theirs to be  thin and crisp while kids like theirs thick and doughy. Both kidsí and adultsí number one choice in a pie is good old plain cheese and  tomato pizza. But when venturing outside the norm kids like a white pie and meatball toppings and adults are a bit more adventurous  with vegetables like onion, mushroom, eggplant and spinach (salad pizza is my personal favorite from Mezza Luna in Manalapan), or  pineapple and ham and buffalo chicken.

Both familiarity and a family-friendly atmosphere keep all of you coming back to your favorite spot time after time, year after year, so  itís no wonder that most of your preferred pizza places are family run and owned for an average of over twenty years. Interestingly,  not one person mentioned a commercial pizza chain. Hereís what some of your neighbors picked as their favorites. Buon appetito! 

Emelioís in Manalapan is good pizza.

-Alexandria Parsons

Deninoís in Aberdeen because of the crunchy crust and the sauce.

-David Blumenberg
Carloís in Marlboro; itís really cheesy and the crust is good.

-Victoria Parsons


Deninoís in Aberdeen; the crust is nice and soft and the plain pizza is the best.

-Gerard Blumenberg


Bertucciís in Hazlet has a yummy cheese pizza.

-Colleen Addario

Federiciís in Freehold; their thin crust is so good and the eggplant or the plain are my favorites.

-Heather Forsyth


Peopleís Pizza in Englishtown because my kids like it...

-Bill Moore


Freddieís in Long Branch. Itís all about the thin crust and theirs is perfect. And because they are extremely generous with the community!

-Dawn Dellíomo

Stefanoís in Freehold. They are always welcoming and have a big smile for all their customers!

-Nikolas Bistrimovich & Gregory Marinos


Deninoís in Aberdeen. I like the amount of cheese and sauce they use; itís just right!

-Justin Dorf
Deninoís in Aberdeen has the best tasting pizza around.

-Rajat Rajpal

Federiciís in Freehold; what else could it possibly be?

-Jill Austin


Villa Pizza in Middletown because they have the best meatball pizza!

-Shannon Addario

(No picture)

I love the Crispina Pizza at Attilioís in Long Branch. Big and square so there is more crispy crust to enjoy. They also use marinara sauce instead of pizza sauce and it is great.

-Joanie Montrilla


La Piazza has great white pizza.

-Sofia James

Deninoís in Aberdeen, because thatís where we first met as friends after tennis.

-Wesley Lam &

Serhiy Moshak

Attilioís in Lincroft has good meatball pizza.

-Sean Addario
(No picture)

Hands down, Momís Kitchen in Neptune! Thin, saucy, and delicious! I love it!
-Andrew Vazzone

We like Marlboro Pizza best; itís good.

-Gigi & Frankie Licitra
(No picture)
Luigiís in Lincroft has great stuffed pizzas.

-Ellen Addario
(No picture)
I do not eat pizza. It is fattening and very bad for you!

-Jennie B


Deninoís in Aberdeen; we like the margarita pizza best!

-Danielle & Samantha Spano

(No picture) 

When I get a slice of pizza, I travel to Red Bankís, Mr Pizza Slice. This place is an institution, with the best pizza in town! The owner is a really nice guy too! You also have to try his French fries...mmmm delish!

-John Allegra

(No picture)


Brotherís Pizza in Red Bank is my favorite. I love the atmosphere and the sauce is tangy.

-Joe Hyon

Luigiís in Marlboro. I love all their toppings.

-Nicolas Fernandez

 Pete and Eldaís in Neptune. Itís the best tasting pie Iíve ever had!

-R.J. Weber


Pasqualeís in Middletown; the crust is really good.

-Jessica Latona

I like the Mad Hatter in Sea Bright because of the thin crust.

-Sean Gilbert
 Michelangeloís in Sea Girt because the ingredients are really fresh.

-Jasmine Owens
Attilioís in Tinton Falls because itís right around the corner from my house...

-Steve Delizza
Impossible to narrow it downÖcan I pick three? Pete and Eldaís in Neptune, Squan Tavern in Manasquan and Andyís in Sea Girt!

-Judy Zocci

Tonyís in Long Branch. Iíve been going there since 1970. They deliver fast and they have the best mushroom and sausage pizza in the world!

-Frank Bruckman
 Attilioís in Lincroft has a great Sicilian pizza.

-Sue Migliaccio


Mr. Pizza Slice in Red Bank. I worked there as a teenager and he has the best pizza and is known for his round French fries; they are incredible.
-Kevin Nesci

Carloís Gourmet Pizza in Manalapan. The pizza is extremely delicious, the delivery is amazingly fast and they have whole wheat pizza crust!

-Peggy Alvarado

Vicís Pizza in Bradley Beach; they have a thin crust like a bar pizza and the onion pie is the best.

-Dr. Anthony DiCesare
(No picture)
Deninoís Pizza in Aberdeen; theyíve got the best Margarita pizza Iíve ever had.

-Lorin Mcane


Luigiís in Wanamassa. Their pizzas have the best flavor; itís the closest you can get to boardwalk pizza without being on the boardwalk - and itís better!

-Dianne Roebuck


Giuseppeís in Hazlet; itís New York Style pizza and for such a small place they do a really good job.

-Lois & Kayla Rosenthal


The Penalty Box Cafť in the Wall Sports Arena; the pizza crust and bottoms are a perfect crispiness...

-Stan Gutt

Enzoís in Aberdeen/Mattawan. The guy is always so friendly there and the pizza is so good. They also have the best putanessca and there is always soccer on the TVís which my husband lovesÖ.

-Nayri Gueyikian
(No picture)

Hands down, Momís Kitchen in Neptune! Thin, saucy, and delicious! I love it!

-Andrew Vazzone

Attilioís in West Long Branch. Itís all about the tomatoes; they use the best kind - Marzano tomatoes from the can!

-Elaine Steko
 Federiciís in Freehold. Itís all about not being commercialized!

-Cecilia Donello
 (No picture) 
Brotherís Pizza in Red Bank is my favorite.

-Joe Hyon

Vicís Pizza in Bradley Beach; they have the best thin pies, a great reputation and they have won all kinds of awards.

-Debbie Hanson


Luigiís in Lincroft; I like the pizzas we get from them for our staff meetings.

-Jackie Fricher



Squan Tavern in Manasquan. You know it's all fresh ingredients and made by good people!

-Michael Courtney


Attilioís in Wall. The crust is thick but the bottom crust is thin and they have a great tasting sauce.

-Olivia Kenney


Federiciís in Freehold. The flavor, the thin crust ...they are the best in the business!

-Gary Dietrich


I like Attilioís Pizza in Long Branch because itís the best cheese pizza Iíve ever had!

-Lauren Kelly


Valís in Rumson. Their thin crust has a cracker like consistency.

-Wally Tunison


Vicís in Bradley Beach it is old school Italian - they still have the plastic flowers on the walls! It is so good with the really thin crust and they have great toppings like pineapple.

-Lu-Ann Russell

(No picture)
In my opinion the best pizza joint in Monmouth County, NJ has to be Pete & Eldaís in Neptune. Their pizza is hands down the best I have ever eaten! The pizza literally melts in your mouth making it near impossible to have only one slice!

-Caroline Dorick


Federiciís in Freehold. We used to live in Keyport, now we are in Florida and every time we come back up this way we canít wait to go there for pizza. The sauces, the crust, the toppings; itís all top shelf!

-Gary Senior & Deanna Dietrich

Luigiís in Little Silver. The sauce is really delicious and different from anywhere else and I like that they have square pizzas, too.

-Kelly Rogers

Itís a tie between Freddieís in Long Branch & Luigiís in Little Silver. It depends on what kind of mood Iím in.

-Jennifer Anderson

 (No picture)

Attilioís in Oakhurst; they are consistently good, homemade and their best topping is the ziti!

-Christian Bostwick

Bellaís in Long Branch. The sauce and everything are homemade; it tastes like it came right out of the kitchen - an Italian kitchen.

-Patricia Binkowski & Ann Marie Schneider

La Scarpetta in West Long Branch. I love their sausage pizza and the pasta fazool is really good too if you arenít in the mood for pizza....

-Amanda Halper


Brotherís Pizza, but Iím not sure where it is. A few years ago my daughter was at a party at Arielís in Eatontown and they brought the pizza in from Brothers; it was the best pizza I have ever tasted.

-Monica Levy

TJís Pizza in Asbury Park. It is not a chain; they have a great family atmosphere. Tony and Sammy, the owners, know everyone who walks in the door.

-John Gambardella

(No picture)
Luigiís in Little Silver. I like the Hawaiian pizza with the pineapple and ham topping; it is excellent!

-Barbara Gasparini


Guidoís in Eatontown. They have a great sauce, and great cheese and the crust is perfect, not too thick and not too thin.

-Kayla Jagusch

Pete and Eldaís in Neptune has a really good, thin crust and their pizzas taste different and better than anywhere else.

-Meaghan Gannon

 (No picture)

Attilioís on Monmouth Rd. in Oakhurst. We have been patrons there for over 16 years and it has been consistently good.

-Suzanne Bostwick

(No picture)

My favorite is Attilioís in Tinton Falls because of the white pizza; it makes my tummy tickle!

-Sarah Giordano

 (No picture) 

Luigiís in Little Silver because the pies are good, big and reasonably priced!

-John Gasparini


Scalaís in West End. Not only do they make a great thin crust pizza but they are supportive to the community and always very friendly and accommodating.

-Robin Lowy-Embrey


Deninoís is good - just the plain pizza!

-Deanna Prestigiacomo

La Piazza (in Freehold) is the only
one I will eat!

-Shawn McNiff


The San Remo Restaurant in Aberdeen
because the pizza tastes
good and the crust is really puffy.

-Sabrina McNiff

My favorite is my momís pizza!

-Jack McNiff


Deninoís in Aberdeen because itís my favorite, thatís why.

-Ashley Prestigiacomo

Deninoís in Aberdeen. Their mozzarella sticks are amazing.

-Rohan Sood


Carloís in Marlboro because of their ďhome-made-nessĒ!

-Darren DíLima

Marlboro Pizza because it has good cheese on it.

-Christian Mannino


Romeoís in Marlboro.

The sausage and

onion pizza is real


-Robert Mannino

Marlboro Pizza; itís tasty and not greasy and close by so itís still
hot when you get home.

-Shelia Mandel


I owned a pizza place in Newark for 20
years so I know pizza
and the best Iíve found around here is Attilioís Pizza & Pasta
in Freehold.

-Joseph Ruisi
Marlboro Pizza; they have good cheese.

-Nisha Desai
The Pizza Pasta Factory in Marlboro;
they have the best garlic knots!

-June & Andy Ellsweig
Mezza Luna in Manalapan. The white
pizza is really good.

-Josh Walker
Marlboro Pizza. I like the variety but the
buffalo chicken pizza
topping is the best.
-Tommy Bawers
Marlboro Pizza has very good pizza and
they really cater to the
community, which is important.
-Joanne Policano
Marlboro Pizza because of the sweet sauce!

-Angelo Fraggos
Marlboro Middle Schoolís pizza has a
great thick crust!
-Gianna Mannino
Marlboro Pizza. I like the garlic knots and
the chicken pizza is

-Jigesh Patel

The Pizza Pasta Factory in Marlboro;
itís hot and fresh.
-Lindsey Walker
Marlboro Pizza - and the pepperoni and
meatball pizza is the

-Deena Laberti
Deninoís in Aberdeen because itís not too

-Ryan Abelow
Marlboro Pizza because itís cheesy and the crust
is thick and crunchy.
-Tara Jue


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