Artist Talk with Chris Clavio


Chris Clavio is an Electronic Artist and Entrepreneur living and working in Santa Fe, NM. His work explores the sublime and perception using light, sound, and interactive environments. He currently develops interactive lighting systems for the artist collective Meow Wolf and was a lead designer on the low voltage infrastructure for Meow Wolf's House of Eternal Return. Clavio has shown work across the United States, most recently in Pittsburgh, PA, with Energy Flow, a project in collaboration with Andrea Polli that highlights the Rachel Carson bridge with wind-turbine powered LEDs. His current projects integrate several software platforms and various hardware configurations to create immersive and interactive environments that stimulate the senses in order to evoke the imagination and push the limits of our perceived reality.

Tue April 3, 2018 04:30 pm To: Tue - April 3, 2018
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Wilson Hall Auditorium

400 Cedar Ave
West Long Branch, New Jersey 07764
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