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We specialize in orthodontics for both children and adults with a focus on Invisalign invisible braces and other family treatment options. We understand the apprehension some adults and children may have towards getting braces, therefore, both of Dr. Young’s orthodontics offices offer an assortment of solutions to cater to your unique needs and are conveniently located in Monmouth and Ocean County, New Jersey. Some of these include traditional metal braces, clear braces, and the increasingly popular Invisalign “invisible” braces. Dr. Young has been creating beautiful smiles since 1993. His excellent reputation is well known and respected in Monmouth and Ocean Counties. As part of our commitment to helping you look your best, we are also very proud to offer cosmetic facial procedures. Some of the services we provide include injections of wrinkle–reducing muscle relaxers such as Botox and dermal fillers, such as Juvéderm as well. If you are considering our office for a free initial consultation: Call or email us today to set up your New Patient appointment. For our Brick NJ office call 732–477–1808 For our Colts Neck NJ office call 732–761–9700


73 Route 34 S.
Colts Neck, NJ 07722
United States

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  • Orthodontic Treatments and Cosmetic Services
  • Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment
  • Early evaluation gives the opportunity, when appropriate, to guide jaw growth, correct harmful habits, lower the risk of injury to protruded teeth, guide permanent teeth into more favorable conditions, and provide more space for the permanent teeth.
  • Because straighter teeth can lead to:
  • Healthier Gums
  • Easier Cleanings
  • Improved Chewing and Speech
  • Decreased Risk of Dental Trauma and Abnormal Wear
  • More Beautiful Smiles
  • We Specialize in:
  • Orthodontics for Adolescents and Adults
  • Early (Interceptive) Orthodontics
  • Treatment of cleft palate and other cranio–facial anomalies
  • We Offer:
  • Clear or metal braces
  • Invisalign
  • Convenient Office Hours
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • No Charge for Initial Consultation
  • Saturday and Evening Appointments
  • Improved profiles… for a more youthful look at any age
  • Your age is not a factor as long as the bone and gum tissue surrounding your teeth are healthy. Orthodontic treatments can be successful at any age and adults especially appreciate the benefits of a beautiful smile.
  • Call our office today and make an appointment to learn more about orthodontic treatments.
  • Brick NJ Office 732–477–1808 or in Colts Neck NJ at 732–761–9700
  • Dr. Young also offers other cosmetic services to bring out the natural beauty of a person’s face. Some of these services include Jurvederm and Botox injections which can take years off of your face.
  • Dr. Young is a complete facial aesthetics provider and is certified by The American Academy of Facial Esthetics.
  • Do you have a problem with sleeping?
  • The non-invasive solution Oral appliances are safe, non-invasive effective treatments for snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea. They are solely recommended to patients who have severe sleep apnea who have tried but cannot wear C-PAP. The Oral Appliance is a small plastic device that fits in the mouth during sleep like a sports mouth guard or orthodontic retainer. Oral appliances help prevent the collapse of the tongue and soft tissues in the back of the throat, keeping the airway open during sleep to promote adequate air flow. Oral appliances may be used alone or in combination with other treatments for sleep-related breathing disorders, such as weight management.


Dr. John Young Orthodontics & Invisalign® Colts Neck Center for Orthodontics & Invisalign® Colts Neck Office: 273 Route 34 Colts Neck (732) 761-9700 Brick Office: Braces@Brick 940 Cedar Bridge Avenue Brick (732) 477-1808

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