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Whole Body Cryotherapy originated in Japan in the 1970’s as doctors were trying to find an effective treatment for arthritis, and further research has found that intense, short term cooling of the skin’s surface has far more beneficial effects on the body than other known  cold therapies. KryoLife Staten Island is bringing the best of Whole Body Cryotherapy and its proven health and beauty benefits to the  East Coast of the United States. The hyper-cooling treatment improves skin tone, reduces signs of aging, manages pain, lowers  inflammation, improves athletic performance and can mitigate depression.

What inspired you to open a whole body cryotherapy facility in Staten Island?

A friend got involved with cryotherapy after his mother experienced it in Europe. He was impressed with her results and noticed that in  this country it was only available in California. I invested with him in a venture to bring the benefits of cryotherapy here to the East  Coast. He opened a KryoLife facility in Manhattan, and I wanted to open one in Staten Island, where I live. I thought in general there are  a lot of people suffering from pain and taking medications, and I wanted to provide this holistic alternative to pain relief, without pills.

How does hyper-cooling treatment work?

Simply put, the mind says the body is cold, and brings blood into the chest to keep the core warm. There, the blood gets oxygenated,  while in the arms and legs inflammation is dramatically reduced. The procedure is timed for a minimum one and a half to maximum  three minutes. When you come out, that oxygenated blood flows to the areas where there was pain, and you feel better. Cryosauna is  not a cure, it’s a treatment. People are familiar with putting ice packs on injuries to relieve inflammation and pain – this is like a big ice  pack.

The temperatures seem extremely low – is this uncomfortable?

People wonder about the very cold temperatures, but this is a dry cold – it’s not bone penetrating, like when you’re outside freezing on  a damp winter day. It only penetrates the first layers of skin, and you come out completely dry. Also, your head is exposed, so you’re  constantly talking with the technician. KryoLife temperatures are set to very briefly put the body into protective mode, painlessly, and you  step out of the machine energized, and looking and feeling great.

Who should consider trying KryoLife treatment?

KryoLife is for anyone from teens to seniors with aches and pains, who would like to feel better without depending as much on  medications. The cryosauna is classified as a spa device, so it is not FDA approved, but it has amazing benefits for health, wellness  and beauty. I invite anyone to try it once and see how you feel. If you decide to come back for more regular treatments, we offer cost-reduced 10-session packages and maintenance programs. Most people find they feel so much better after a treatment, they come  back.


• Inflammation
• Muscle soreness and tension
• Pain from injuries or joint disorders
• Cellulite
• Signs of aging

• Energy
• Metabolism
• Collagen production
• Weight loss
• Feeling of wellness

KryoLife Staten Island is bringing the best of Whole Body Cryotherapy and its proven health and beauty  benefits to the East Coast of the United States.

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01 Sep 2015