Creating Moments of Joy with Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

Creating Moments of Joy with Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

Meaning and purpose are brought to the lives of residents at The Brielle.


“I love that the focus is on the individual but focused on creating moments of joy for those living with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia,” says Diana Thompson, the Lifestyle Director at The Brielle. People living with dementia typically struggle with stringing moments together and remembering details, so it is important to create those individual moments of joy for them.


Since the implementation of the Valeo™ Signature Programs, in September of 2016, the staff has noticed more engaged residents and they are excited about the activities and interest profiles that were created to match the strengths or interests between residents and staff. It does not matter if you are a program director, the chef, or a member of the housekeeping team, Valeo creates opportunities for staff and residents to learn and grow together. “This is not just another program, it is the culture,” says Diana.


Create & Compose is Diana’s favorite signature program because music is the universal language. She has seen people unable to speak suddenly sing along with a song. She loves seeing them show a different side that they have struggled with expressing in the past.


A proud moment happened this April for residents, their families and staff at The Brielle as they put the Valeo program into action by painting a mural of Snug Harbor Botanical Garden. Elizabeth, the Recreation Aid and Valeo Coordinator, recalled a resident that had difficulty engaging and was passive when it came to activities. She struggled to hold the paint brush during the mural program, but with the help of staff guiding her hand, she soon started painting flowers on her own. Now she walks past the mural and tells everyone “That’s my flower.” That’s what you call creating “a moment of joy.” Click here to see photos of this beautiful mural and read more about this event.

Want to learn how The Brielle can help you create moments of joy for someone you love? Call Kathy Azbell at 929-236-9249 or visit us for Welcome Wednesday Open Houses from 2-4pm every Wednesday. Let us know you are coming by completing this form today.


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31 May 2017