Delco Drugs & Specialty Pharmacy

Delco Drugs & Specialty Pharmacy
3833 Richmond Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10312
(718) 227-9800


Instead of a spoonful of sugar to help your medicine go down smoothly, stop by Staten Island’s very own apothecary, Delco Drugs & Specialty Pharmacy. There, modern day licensed pharmacists, like owner Robert Annicharico and his staff, use innovative technology to create custom-made medications for a wide variety of individual needs that mass-produced pharmaceuticals cannot accommodate.

At Delco Drugs & Specialty Pharmacy, the personalized preparation of medications and other types of treatments for pain, hormone replacement, and anti-aging skin therapies harkens back to the pharmaceutical industry’s roots. In their compounding facility, artisanal medications are crafted with distinctive quality ingredients combined perfectly to form the right strength and dosage for each individual patient.

“We are the direct opposite of the commercial drug store,” says Robert, “because we serve the unique needs of our patients.” Some patients depend upon delicate adjustments of strength or dosage to ensure the medication is effective. Others, like toddlers, benefit from flavored medications to make them more  palatable.

Patients with certain allergies require reformulated pharmaceuticals that eliminate non-essential ingredients like gluten or dye. “It is in our lab that we can alter a medications form,” Robert says. “For example, from pill to gummy bear to help individuals who have difficulty swallowing medications.”

No longer do area pet owners have to trick their beloved companions into taking their meds. Delco Drugs &  Specialty Pharmacy also provides veterinary compounding services that transform your pet’s medications into “paw licking” good treats that will leave your dog’s tail wagging, your cat purring or your bird chipping! At  Delco Drugs & Specialty Pharmacy, it’s not all chemistry. The store provides a large selection of health-related items as well as non-pharmaceutical goods, in an effort to offer a truly customized pharmacy experience to residents of Staten Island and neighboring New Jersey towns.

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16 Dec 2016