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Beets are high in dietary nitrates,which benefit the cardiovascularsystem and may protect againstcancer.

Health Benefits Include:
• Helps with Digestion
• Reduces Inflammation
• Helps Prevents Constipation

Veggie of Love –One of the earliest known benefits of the redbeet is its use as an aphrodisiacduring the Roman times.


Pears are one of the highestfiberfruits. It's also a hypoallergenicfruit –those with food sensitiv­ities can usually eat pears with no adverse effects.

Health benefits include:
• Helps Prevent Constipation
• Reduces High Blood Pressure
• Reduces Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

“Woodn’t” You Know –For many woodwind instruments, woodcarving, or smoking meat, pearwood is often preferred.

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are low in calories, high in fiber, vitamins,minerals and antioxidants.

Health Benefits Include:
• Helps Steady Blood Sugar Levels
• Helps Reduce the Risk of Cancer
• Decreases Inflammation

Hate Brussels Sprouts? –Most likely you have the bitter taste re­ceptor gene TAS2R38. You’re not alone, 50% of the world's popula­tion have a mutation on this gene.


Dates are a very healthy fruit to in­clude in your diet. They are high innutrients, fiber and antioxidants.

Health Benefits Include:• Helps Prevent Constipation• Helps with Alzheimer’s Disease• Ease Natural Labor for Pregnancy

Talk About A Hot Date –Datepalm trees need at least 100 daysof 100ºF heat and plenty of waterto produce the best quality fruit.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are an excellentsource of vitamin A, an essential inhelping the body fight off infections.

Health Benefits Include:
• Helps with Managing Diabetes
• Reduces Inflammation
• Important for Good Vision

A Glorious Root –Sweet potatois not a potato at all. They are sodifferent that they’re not even re­lated. Sweet potatoes are actuallythe root of the morning gloryfamily of vines.


Apples are very rich in importantantioxidants, flavanoids, and fiber.

Health Benefits Include:
• Prevents Dementia
• Reduces Your Risk of Stroke
• Lowers Levels of Bad Choloestrol

An Afternoon Jolt –Eating anapple can be more efficient atwaking you up than caffeine can.

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28 Nov 2018