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Regular exercise lowers your risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, dementia, diabetes and other chronic diseases. It helps you to be a happier person. It fuels your inner glow.

Achieving a healthy weight will never go out of style, and a healthy diet combined with regular exercise is the best way to maintain your weight loss goals.

The future of the fitness industry looks fit indeed. In fact, the Department of Labor Statistics predicts that the employment of personal trainers and fitness professionals will only increase, rising 8% by 2024.


Skilled Personal Instruction

Personal training is a perennial trend. One-on-one sessions are more immersive, more personalized and may produce results more quickly. But one important shift is happening: more education. Credentialing is becoming more important.

“With the growth of fitness centers and personal trainers/instructors, clients should be careful who they hire,” says Stu Rosenstein of OVOX Gym & Training and a gym owner for over 30 years. “Anyone can get ‘certified.’ Some certifications take just a few hours, some through an online course. Being certified doesn’t mean the trainer has any real experience or practical knowledge. Having skilled instructors who understand each client’s wants and needs can make a major difference in helping clients achieve their goals.”

Stu recognizes the need to keep members engaged. Each workout area at OVOX is its own unique environment. Classic body building films are screened in the free weight area and a LifeScape cardio feature transports members to hiking trails, mountain meadows and even the winding streets of European villages.


Boutique Group Fitness

Group training, especially in a boutique studio setting, connects both instructors and members, says The Bar Method owner Chrissy Valerio. A former professional dancer, Chrissy was introduced to The Bar Method when she was looking to switch up her own workout routine.

“I was immediately impressed with the personal attention students received from their instructors, which focuses on form and safety,” recalls Chrissy, “while I also fell in love with the changes I was seeing in my own body. When a franchise opportunity came along, I dove right in.”

Chrissy notes that her staff and instructors are all passionate about The Bar Method. “As a result,” she says, “we have a strong community where members feel connected, empowered and supported.”


Open Up Your Fitness Options

Versatility is also important, says Christopher DiGiorgio, General Manager at I AM FITNESS. “People who are looking to start a fitness program or get back into shape can be a little tentative at first,” says Chris. “Circuit training is a great way for beginners to start working out at a low intensity and then build up to a higher intensity and maybe even try a new workout.”

Chris observes that having something for everyone in a friendly, community-based fitness environment helps build confidence as well as muscle. “Our trainers provide members with the encouragement to look into other forms of fitness,” he says, “such as an aquatics program, group fitness or martial arts.”

Science-backed workout equipment that maximizes results and lowers injury risk, amenities such as showers and lockers, even childcare or a summer program such as Camp Coconuts at I AM FITNESS, provide the incentives that we all need to get up and get moving.


OVOX Gym & Training

The Bar Method


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28 Jun 2017