Freehold Radiology Group

Donna O’Donnell Medical Arts Bldg.
Freehold Radiology Group
901 West Main Street
Freehold, N.J.
(732) 462-4844

Northpoint Professional Bldg
176 Route 9 North
Marlboro, N.J.
(732) 577-2750

Radiology • Freehold Radiology Group

Dr. Peter Mezzacappa - Freehold Radiology GroupBIO: Dr. Peter Mezzacappa is a board-certifi ed, fellowship trained radiologist specializing in Neuroradiology. Dr. Mezzacappa is the current medical director and president of Freehold Radiology Group and Freehold MR Associates, as well as the department chair of radiology at CentraState. He is very proud of Freehold Radiology’s continued commitment to bringing quality care to the local community for over 40 years. “We are a group of 12 board-certified, fellowship-trained radiologists who live and work in our community” says Dr. Mezzacappa. With two outpatient facilities, in Freehold and Marlboro, NJ, Freehold Radiology Group provides the highest level of image quality and safety, in your own backyard.

Services include:
• Ultrasound
• 3D Mammography
• DEXA Scans
• Diagnostic XRay

“We are radiology at its best, with high-quality, patient-friendly imaging services,” says Dr. Mezzacappa. He explains that Freehold Radiology Group was one of the first to offer 3D mammography, and the practice provides interventional breast procedures so that patients don’t have to be hospitalized for biopsies and related procedures. “Here, a patient comes into the office and is taken care of by our staff and physicians, quickly, efficiently, and typically at a much lower cost,” he says. For patients this means less waiting and less worrying.

Freehold Radiology Group provides its patients with advanced diagnostic services. “As imaging has evolved, practicing with this group has expanded my horizons,” notes Dr. Mezzacappa. They were the first to have a PET/CT scanner in western Monmouth County, a useful tool for Oncology, Alzheimer’s, and Dementia patients. “On top of my general interest in the field of radiology, I’ve paired new techniques with compassionate care in women’s imaging and interventional radiology, in the outpatient setting,” he says.
“We strive for clinical excellence and invest in state-of-the-art technology because our community members deserve it.”

They also have the latest PACS system that allows referring doctors to review patient images and reports via remote connection and offer patient’s an online patient portal.

“We are the first outpatient radiology facility in New Jersey that earned the highest accreditation from the American College of Radiology,” he says. “We are recognized as a Digital Imaging Center of Excellence, and no other outpatient center can say that.”

“One of the things I like most about this profession is that I get to make a difference in the lives of patients,” says Dr. Mezzacappa. “The multiple aspects of radiology keep me excited and interested, and with the technology changing as fast as it does, staying current is a challenge but also very satisfying.” But what Dr. Mezzacappa and the staff at Freehold Radiology Group are most proud of is the opportunity to help people in the community by providing the best possible experience.

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29 Nov 2016