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Post-Acute or Long-Term, the Care is Customized

CareOne at Wall is a leading provider of post-acute rehabilitation, specialized clinical programs and long-term care that has received a 5-star overall rating from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. We offer customized care plans to ensure the health, well-being and dignity of each patient  and resident, in a beautiful campus with fine dining, spacious lounges, vibrant activities and a caring, compassionate staff.

What’s new and exciting at CareOne at Wall?
Our building was constructed in 2004, so it was time to update and modernize, a fresh new look, so we recently undertook extensive renovations to the entire center. The entrance, lobby, reception area, dining room, hallways, as well as all the common areas on both floors are redone. We eliminated the carpeting in favor of flooring that is cleaner and more mobility-friendly, and installed new lighting throughout. Our nursing stations have been upgraded to be more efficient and patient-friendly, with wheelchair-level access. These renovations were undertaken with our client  community in mind, to enhance the appearance and function of their surroundings and make their stay with us as comfortable and welcoming as possible.

How is care customized to the individual patient?
Whether patients come to us needing short-term postacute care after a hospitalization or long-term care, every individual is assessed by our entire interdisciplinary team, including nurses, a social worker, physical, occupational and speech therapists, activities staff, and a registered dietician. These licensed professionals come together to form an Individualized Plan of Care for each patient, and their findings are discussed with the patient and family. We will render whatever level of care is required in order to achieve the goal of returning the patient to home or to an assisted living setting or, if indicated, to explore options for long-term care.

What makes CareOne at Wall stand out in postacute care?
We have an advanced range of specialized clinical programs that other care centers may not offer. Our licensed therapists are ours, not sub-contracted. Therapy is available 7 days a week so it is not interrupted. Another difference that distinguishes us is that our post -acute and long-term care programs are separate, each on its own floor, instead of co-mingled together as in other facilities. CareOne at Wall has been family-owned and operated from the beginning, so the administration is personally invested in ensuring the highest level of patient and family satisfaction. Our center has earned the highest 5-star overall rating by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which assesses all similar facilities in the state. You can access their findings at

Are there ways that CareOne at Wall makes it easier for patients and families to find the right facility after a hospitalization?
Choosing the right post-acute setting after hospitalization can be a difficult choice. Many hospitals today try to manage that choice by telling patients where they want them to go for their post-acute needs. One size fits all doesn’t work for everyone. We always remind patients and families that they do have choices when it comes to post acute care needs and it is important to look at a few options to best find the center that best meets your needs. CareOne has a centralized admissions process that takes referrals 24/7 to streamline the process, and tours are offered 7 days a week at any center. Tours can be scheduled in advanced, or you can stop by anytime to tour the center and meet members of the care team. For more information about CareOne at Wall or any CareOne center please call 877-99-CARE1, or visit our website at

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26 Sep 2017