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Certified holistic health coach Alesha Lazan, MS, CHHC and Wholetrition owner, suffered from crippling IBS flare-ups and food allergies that dominated most of her childhood. “Medical experts had nothing but ineffective prescriptions to address my anxiety, not the core issues,” she recalls. “After a lot of visits to many different doctors, I realized I was on my own.” After extensive research, Alesha discovered the healing power of food.

She dove head-first into the study of nutrition and health, gradually making the connection between what she ate and how she felt. After noticing improvement when she ditched processed foods, she eventually kicked dairy and gluten to the curb.

“After cutting those foods out, I immediately felt a difference in my body but I was still not out of the woods,” says Alesha. “All those years of eating the wrong foods and taking NSAIDs and antibiotics, my gastrointestinal tract was literally a “hot mess.” I had to repair the damage and that was no picnic. I was frustrated at times, but realized my body was on my side and it was only trying to heal.”

“What people don’t realize is that healing takes time and there is not a quick fix to health,” says Alesha. “So much of the media makes it appear health happens overnight, but that is simply not the case.” Finally, though, Alesha’s painful symptoms were under control. “Today, 15 years later, IBS is no longer an issue for me,” she says.

These eye-opening experiences led Alesha to a career as a certified health coach so she could guide others through a similar healing process. And Alesha isn’t alone. Practitioners of alternative and traditional medicine alike are urging patients to look to their refrigerators in addition to their pharmacies for optimal health.

“Changing your diet and lifestyle isn’t an easy task,” says Alesha, “and most people become overwhelmed when they look at the big picture. I help my clients break it down, day by day, with a 30-Day Kickstart program. By taking small bites, we accomplish a big goal.”

“It may seem like an impossible task for clients who want to lose 20, 30 or 50 pounds, take on chronic health conditions such as diabetes and IBS, and lower or eliminate their reliance on medications,” says Alesha, “but let me tell you, nothing is impossible. My 30-Day Kickstart, which includes a nutritional consult, small group exercise, goal setting, food journaling, recipes and shopping lists, a social media group and unlimited support, gives clients the push they need to feel better about themselves and make their health a priority.”


A Central Focus for Pain & Wellness Care

“Individuals recovering from injury or illness, or people who want to maintain or improve their overall health, can benefit from a comprehensive approach to hands-on care,” says Bryant Acquaro PT, DPT, Clinical Director of NJ Spine and Wellness in Freehold.

“Using a team approach of healthcare practitioners, including experienced  chiropractors, pain management and sports medicine doctors, physical therapists, athletic trainers, acupuncturists, massage therapists and nutritionists, we work together to recommend a plan of care that is right for each patient,” says Dr. Acquaro.

“Our goal is not to mask symptoms with medication, or to recommend invasive surgeries,” says Dr. Acquaro. “In treating older adults to younger athletes seeking pain relief, sports return-to-play and general wellness, with a special focus on sports and spine, we take the time to form a thorough diagnosis and then recommend treatments that can pull from several therapies, all in one location, that will help patients heal from the inside out.”



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26 Jul 2017