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In the United States today, life expectancy is at an all-time high. The average American can expect to live to 78 years old, and many are living longer.


Vibrant Aging

While many older adults choose to age in place in their homes, more and more are realizing the benefits that senior living communities can provide to the healthy aging process.

“We embrace the concept of successful aging,” says Allison Nidetz, General Manager of The Brielle at Seaview, “and surround each individual with a personalized balance of independence and caring support. Residents can continue to pursue their interests and hobbies, or learn new ones, in a flexible, resident-centric environment.”

By creating a community structured around key pillars of wellness – social, intellectual, vocational, spiritual, physical and emotional – residents keep moving, keep learning, stay connected and have fun.

“As we enter our 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, this type of engaged living becomes an important tool for maintaining mental, physical and emotional health,” says Allison. “It’s never too late to live the best life possible.”


Memory Care Solutions

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia disorders present unique care challenges.

“Family caregivers of cognitively impaired seniors find that when the stress of daily care is removed, so is the tension and worry,” says Galina Markovich, ANP, RN, Director of Millennium Memory Care. “Loving relationships can flourish knowing mom or dad is safe, healthy and comfortable.”

Unlike dementia residents housed in a locked wing, communities like Millennium Memory Care are completely dedicated to providing informed and effective care, even for those residents with behavioral issues that might exclude them from admission to other assisted living settings.

The entire environment at Millennium Memory Care is specifically designed to care for individuals with memory impairment. Staff members are trained in memory care and other aspects of aging, including helping family members understand and deal with a

loved one’s condition as it progresses. “We provide constant companionship and a social environment that reduces isolation while increasing awareness, cognition and engagement,” says Galina.

Innovative sensory stimulation enables pleasant, long-term memories, provides joy, and decreases anxiety and agitation. Physician supervision and a full-time nursing staff manage diabetes, wound care and other medical conditions.


Respite Care

Respite care can be a great way for a senior to try out assisted living and can provide a much-needed break for a caregiver to handle a medical issue or simply take some time for themselves.

During a respite stay, settings like The Brielle at Seaview and Millennium Memory Care provide access to all the amenities and care provided to full-time residents.


A Commitment to Education on Aging

At The Brielle at Seaview, new topics are presented each month, helping families learn, share and connect over important issues around aging. “Ongoing educational opportunities such as our Second Tuesdays lecture series are designed to help caregivers understand and become prepared for the changes they or their family members may face,” says Allison.

Millennium Memory Care presents free monthly support groups in conjunction with the Alzheimer’s Association of Greater New Jersey, to help community members understand the basics, early warning signs and disease progression of dementia, and to learn practical solutions.


The Brielle at Seaview

Millennium Memory Care

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28 Jun 2017