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For nearly 30 years, Endless Pools, a pioneer in Aquatic Fitness products, has been the choice for all swimmers – from the casual swimmer to professional athletes – for training and fitness in their own homes.

In 2015 Watkins Wellness acquired Endless Pools and in 2016 launched the line of beautifully redesigned all-new portable Endless Pools Fitness Systems. Superior quality and exclusive technology, will give you excellence and beauty for years to come.

Hot Tubs by HotSpring became an Endless Pools authorized dealer in May of 2016 and we would like to introduce the local community to the benefits of having an Endless Pool.

Other brands call their swim in place technology a “swim spa” but we believe a fitness system is so much more. Endless Pools Fastlane propeller-driven swim in-place technology leads the industry and has helped over 20,000 swimmers of all skill levels and experience. Giving you the benefits of low-impact exercise in water - running, swimming, walking, resistance training – or relaxing in the spa seats for a comforting massage, our fitness system help you achieve your wellness goals.

Who is an Endless Pool Fitness System for? Everyone: from an elite athlete to someone rehabilitating from an injury; from the person with a lifelong commitment of daily exercise to someone who wants to start an exercise program, but does not want to go to a gym; from the family with kids on the swim team to the family that wants to just have fun – Endless Pools Fitness Systems can give you the workout you want, in the privacy of your own home. The Fastlane is the best way to train for open water swimming as there is no need to stop for a flip-turn. For training to improve your swimming technique, you can use the swim mirror to watch your stroke. With the optional treadmill, you can run or walk with low-impact on your joints and can add water resistance with the Fastlane swim current at the same time to create a more challenging workout, this helps build your cardiovascular system with less muscle and joint pain.

Since an Endless Pool Fitness system is portable, you can install it in your backyard, garage or create an Endless Pool room in your house. You just need a concrete slab, a dedicated electrical breaker and a garden hose. And, unlike a traditional pool, you can keep it open for year round fitness and fun.

February 4, 2017 we will be hosting an open house from 12-4. We will have live demos, raffles, special discounts, gifts and if you wish, you can even test swim. RSVP to 732-747-8400 if you would like to attend.

Hot Tubs by HotSpring is owned and operated by Nanette Fredericks. Nanette has owned and operated a HotSpring dealership in NJ for the past 29 years. Hot Tubs by HotSpring is bringing families closer together and providing an opportunity for relaxation, much needed relief from the stresses of everyday life and fitness for a better life.

We’re having a Pool Party!

February 4th from 12 PM - 4 PM
Live Demos with Trained Swimmers, Raffle, Special Discounts & Gifts

Hot Tubs by HotSpring
749 Hope Road, Suite D
Eatontown, NJ 07724

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25 Jan 2017