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60 Days to Optimal Health

Personalized integrative, anti-aging, rejuvenative & preventive medicine – Bio-identical Hormone Therapy for women and men – Holistic treatments including Nutritional Therapy & Chelation Therapy – Biofeedback Techniques to stop the cycles of pain, reduce stress, and improve health.

Why 60 days?
Sometimes the road to achieving optimal health can seem too open-ended or uncertain, and patients may wonder: When will I really feel better? Though most people will feel a remarkable improvement through our programs in the first few weeks, in 60 days we are confident that problems will be identified and treatment stabilized, so that the patient feels assured that their new level of health and vitality is sustainable going forward.

Why do people typically seek out alternative medicine therapies?
Our patients tend to fall into two categories. There are people who have a particular problem and want it fixed, and that is their entire focus; for example, someone with high cholesterol. We can help them balance their cholesterol ratios naturally without the need for statins or other prescription chemicals, and also help them establish long-term healthy weight control solutions. The second type of patient is one who comes in wanting to optimize overall health and diminish the array of health effects associated with aging. An example would be someone who is experiencing problems like fatigue, mental fog, insomnia, lack of libido, menopause symptoms, depression, anxiety, and weight gain. Through a program designed specifically for that patient’s health profile, these problems are spontaneously solvable.

I’ve heard that alternative medicine therapy is a trial and error process. In our professional practice, there is no guess work involved. We do a thorough work-up of tests and evaluations in order to formulate the right program for each individual, and then we periodically re-evaluate to make sure they are still enjoying the highest possible benefits. That’s why our 60-day concept is significant: we want our patients to know that they can expect to be stabilized and achieving optimal results well within that time frame. In some alternative medicine practices, it’s not uncommon to hear about this balanced level of wellness taking a year or more to achieve.

Can you help me finally lose weight and keep it off?
Imbalanced hormones can lead to weight gain. When hormones are balanced, the body can effectively produce energy to restore and increase vitality. Changing behavior to be healthy and lose weight will take time and support, of course, but a combined Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Healthy Living program is the best way to make health and weight loss goals last. Naturally treat and prevent:

• Obesity
• Heart Disease
• Diabetes
• Cancer
• Arthritis
• Hypertension
• Thyroid
• Degenerative Conditions of Aging

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01 Sep 2015