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The Game Changers – Advances in Orthopaedics

Is it true that you are doing hip and knee replacements as outpatient surgery now?
Yes, in fact numerous procedures that were typically associated with long hospital stays and recuperation times are now being performed as outpatient procedures. Patients who have very few medical problems can have total knee and total hip replacements and be home the same day. Advances in surgical techniques have made this possible. Additionally, years ago the first few days after these  surgeries were usually very painful, but because of the improvements in pain relief through nerve blocks and long-acting novocaines, patients are now going home with very little pain.

What happens when a patient goes home after that type of surgery?
Typically, we arrange ahead of time for a physical therapist and a home nurse to come in after the patient gets home on the day of their surgery. Therapy is then conducted at home for up to 30 days.  There is, however, an option to go directly from surgery to an inpatient rehab facility, which still bypasses the hospital. This is often required for the first few days after surgery for those patients who don’t have support at home.

Is there an advantage with robotic surgery for knee and hip replacements?
Robotic equipment allows for precise implantation and alignment when used for partial knee replacement and total hip replacement. This ground-breaking technique allows for smaller incisions, making recovery easier but not compromising the long term results, which was previously a problem with ‘minimally invasive surgery.’ A few hospitals, including Monmouth Medical Center in Long Branch, now have this advanced robotic technology available.

How has arthroscopic surgery advanced recently?

With the constant and ingenious improvements in arthroscopic techniques and instruments, more complicated surgeries that were typically performed through large incisions can now be done through incisions the size of a pencil. Knee reconstruction and shoulder reconstructions including rotator cuff repairs, ACL repairs and repairs for dislocations are now done almost exclusively arthroscopically. Techniques for pain control have kept pace with the amazing advances in arthroscopy, and this means reduced recovery time, less post-op pain and time out of work, and also a reduced need for therapy.

Dr. Sunil Thacker is a board certified orthopaedic surgeon specializing in Sports Medicine. He is a graduate of UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School, training at the level 1 Trauma Center, and earned his fellowship in sports medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, where he took care of numerous professional NFL, MLB, PGA, NBA as well as collegiate athletes. His practice also focuses on joint preservation arthroplasty in active adults.

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01 Sep 2015