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A Better Way To Manage
Your Digital Presence
P E R S O N A L     L O C A L     P R O F E S S I O N A L


WHY HumanizeMD?

HumanizeMDAs a healthcare provider, today you are judged not only on your credentials, but on how in tune you are with the overall health and wellness of the community you serve. More than ever before, you represent a local community resource for wellness and feeling good about oneself. HumanizeMD will provide you and your practice with a way to shape a much deeper and relatable online presence and manage your digital reputation beyond the sterile profiles that come up on a standard search. No more anonymous reviews or unscientific polling to contend with.

What is HumanizeMD?

• An exciting new way to bring you and your patients together.

• Uses behind the scenes technology and professionally developed content to be innovative and create genuine, patient-facing connections.

• 4 service models to suit your needs and budget.

• Fully optimized for patients only in your market area.

• Made for any size practice or provider.

• It’s turn-key. We do all the work.


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22 Mar 2017