Major Bestie Goals

Major Bestie Goals


You might have heard and seen of many friendship examples around yourself, but very few becomes ultimate one! While we grow up with our bestie there is some fun things you must do, to make your bond stronger and live happily ever.

Check out our list are you done with your best friends or not?


  1. Vacation together

Let’s plan a vacation with your bestie. Find a new place to explore! and this could turn out a great experience of a lifetime. But before leaving home, make sure you had advanced preparation including route maps, landmarks, money and hotels, so everything will run smoothly on your vacation. After all this vacation is with your best friend.


  1. Shopping

No one can become a better partner in shopping, alike your best friend. They know exactly what you like and which cloths will are suitable for you. Shop with family is better to shop with your bestie who always take care of your choice and suggest you the best one.  As they knew about your choice more than others.

  1. Help each other move on after breakup


We sometime have few moments which we can’t share with other and need support. It’s the one who always help you to move up. They help you make you out from this and totally change the mind and make you laugh very next moments. It’s the time when we find alone and they are the only one who always stand behind us. Also help in study online dissertation proposal writing UK.


4. Treat their parents as your own

As we always respect our parents and from childhood we learn to do so. Respecting their parents is similar you give respect to your parents, we always respect their parent as our own parent the blessing and care given by them remain same then how can we make differences between them. 

  1. Have a night neither of you can remember

The complete day we spend together, we spend more time with them then our family. During night we always remind the complete day activities which we done together. Remembering that beautiful moments we always remember them and wish to remain same always.                                                                           

6. Live together

We know each other very well there like and dislikes, what and when they aspect from us we can easily understand that without they ask for it. Living together will make more fun, we have more time to enjoy as we always have day time to have fun now the whole day to cheers our life. 


7. Start dieting together

Mostly we try to do same as our partner do and always copy him. If one decide for dieting then the other will do the same. We don’t even knew that is it important to us or not but we remain continue with him. 

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16 Feb 2017

By steve smith