Oceanic Capital Management, LLC

An independent registered investment advisory service, Oceanic Capital Management, LLC (OCM) specializes in portfolio management—specifically  customized asset allocation strategies. Oceanic works closely with each individual client to offer a primarily strategic or targeted allocation approach  combined with a periodic rebalancing of their assets. OCM works with endowments, family offices, high-net worth individuals, and anyone looking to preserve or protect a contract payment, inheritance, settlement, or recovery.

“I’ve been in the institutional investing profession for 27 years, so I can bring my perspective, experience, and knowledge to the level of the individual  investor,” says Thomas H. Yorke, an expert in financing, international, and emerging markets. Yorke has made a commitment to serving successful families  and individuals and helping them to both grow and protect their wealth.

Governed by a strong commitment to diversifi cation, OCM offers clients a longer-term approach to investing. The firm utilizes their knowledge of alternative  assets in order to help balance both the risk and return profi les for investors. Their strategies are defensive in nature, and the fi rm doesn’t rely on stock  picking or market timing as a source of returns.

“We offer a core and satellite portfolio configuration strategy in an effort to meet short-term cash needs for customers, such as reserve funds for college  tuition payments or anything else they may need to finance within the next 12 to 18 months,” Yorke says. “But then we also offer a diversified approach  geared towards looking ahead 5, 10, or more years when you can take some controlled risks, whether you want to be moderate or aggressive, or prefer to remain conservative.”

At OCM, each investor is treated as an individual. Yorke says the firm may offer a slightly more tactical approach in certain cases, but advisors will always  work with clients to periodically rebalance and return to target ranges. For Yorke, the importance of diversifi cation is a means to reduce risk and stabilize  portfolio returns for clients. “Diversification is very important to us, and we find that our models lower the risk for our clients,” he concludes. “It’s easier to  step out of a pothole than climb out of a sinkhole.”

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10 Aug 2015