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If you are ready to conquer the clutter in your home, let the team at Encore Garage and Contemporary Closets assist you in maximizing your storage space.

For more than 12 years, they have helped thousands of homeowners throughout the tri-state area transform their closets and garages into functional storage areas that enable them to get the most out of their living space.

“In most cases, the garage is the biggest room in the house, but it’s the least-used space in terms of productivity,” says Joe Fay, one of three partners of the company’s two divisions. “We will help you organize your house in such a way that it will make living there more functional and convenient for you.”

As a small, family-owned company, the staff understands the importance of meeting the unique, individual needs of every client. Joe and his team work with their customers to tailor a garage or closet design that best fits the desired purpose and aesthetics that each homeowner wants.

“We help our customers get the best yield out of their storage spaces,” Joe says. “Whether someone is just looking to improve the capacity of their closet or convert their garage into an office space or playroom, we’ll work with them every step of the way to come up with a customized solution that fits their needs.”

And re-creating a pantry, closet, or garage into a more attractive, organized space is an investment that does more than streamline the accessibility of regular household items. “You get 100 percent back on the cost when you sell,” he says.

The entire design, production, and installation process is all done by knowledgeable and experienced in-house

workers, not subcontractors. Joe and his team enjoy helping homeowners find the full potential in some of the more commonly-neglected spaces in a home.

“People always think they don’t have enough storage space. Many people are living in smaller quarters than they

would like. We take pleasure in renovating closets and garages in ways that make their lives organized better,” he says.

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20 Sep 2017