Our Pick - HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Tinton Falls

HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Tinton Falls
2 Centre Plaza
Tinton Falls, NJ 07724
(732) 460-5320


Centrally located, HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital serves stroke, brain injury, and hip fracture patients as well as those with cardiac, pulmonary and neurological conditions from all over New Jersey in its state-of-the-art, 60-bed inpatient facility in Tinton Falls. It also provides specialized outpatient treatments for individuals with these conditions. A few examples of specific conditions HealthSouth treats are Parkinson’s disease, ALS, injuries suffered in car accidents and falls, and multiple sclerosis.

“HealthSouth is well known for its state-of-the-art rehab technology,” says Douglas Powell, Director of Marketing Operations. “The Auto-Ambulator, a body weight-supported treadmill, allows individuals to relearn how to walk at a much faster rate than simply using the parallel bars and without the fear of falling. HealthSouth also promotes the use of the Interactive Metronome, a device to help improve coordination; Bioness, which is used for foot and hand weakness; Vital Stim, which retrains swallowing, and a number of other technologies.”

HealthSouth is licensed as a hospital, which means that it provides a higher level of care than sub-acute rehabilitation facilities, which are licensed as nursing homes. Upon admission, patients are each assigned two physicians, an on-site physiatrist and an internal medicine specialist. HealthSouth’s on-site team of healthcare providers also includes a respiratory team, a wound care team, dieticians, pharmacists, and case managers who spend one-on-one time with each patient through the duration of the patient’s stay.

Individuals who are seeking rehabilitative care for themselves or their loved ones need to consider both the programs available at a facility and the average length of time a patient remains in the facility. “Our length of stay is short, only about 14 days, with a goal of getting you back home as fast as possible with the highest level of functioning possible,” says Powell. “Each patient is evaluated by the entire team and placed in a specific rehab program for their primary and secondary conditions. All therapy and services are highly specialized and uniquely designed for each patient’s individual needs.”

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19 Mar 2017