Our Pick - Inground Pools by Fuggetta Contracting Corp.

Inground Pools by Fuggetta Contracting Corp.
237 Ramona Ave.
Staten Island, NY 10212
(718) 317-7665


Roman emperors were the first to build private swimming pools for pleasure, but today, Staten Islanders don’t have to be Julius Caesar to enjoy their own backyard pool. That’s because Staten Island has Frank Fuggetta, owner and operator of Inground Pools by Fuggetta Contracting Corp., and his skilled team, to create backyard paradises.


As Frank’s daughter and Business/Project Manager of Fuggetta Contracting, Lisa Fuggetta, explains, “Frank’s wisdom and know-how comes from 35 years’ experience implementing the excavation and installation of inground pools.” It’s no wonder Fuggetta Contracting won a Staten Island Chamber of Commerce 2016 Annual Building Award for Excellence in Outdoor Space Design & Construction.


Lisa is proud of her dad’s accomplishments. Frank started in landscaping at 18, which later led him to learn how to run heavy machinery. His years of experience led him, as Lisa puts it, “to become one of the leading inground pool installers on the Island.” In 1978, Frank took the plunge and assembled a crew and started his own business. Years later, Frank remains onsite working with his crew excavating and designing. His commitment to his customers and love for his job comes through every time he breaks ground on a new project.


Aside from inground pool installations, Frank and Lisa work with their subcontractors to design and implement breathtaking yard renovations that withstand the test of time. Some of their work includes custom fire pits and fireplaces that keep patios warm on cool summer nights.


Fuggetta Contracting pushes the envelope, using the latest tools to do what used to be unimaginable in vinyl liner pools — that is, free-form shapes, incorporated seats, sundecks, bar-stools, accent lighting, water features and much more. Safety is a priority, and Fuggetta Contracting installs safety fences that integrate seamlessly into the aesthetics of a yard. In their commitment to pool preservation, they provide ongoing pool maintenance and full-service pool care throughout the season.


“We are a family-operated business, and we treat our staff and customers like family,” says Lisa. This explains why on sunny summer weekends, Frank gathers his family and friends around his pool in order to create wonderful memories that only pool ownership can bring.

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18 Mar 2017