Our Pick - La Cashina Ristorante

La Cashina Ristorante
53 State Highway 34
Marlboro, NJ 07746
(732) 834-0025


When owners Domenick and Diana Chilelli welcome you to La Cashina Ristorante, you can look forward to authentic, traditional Italian cuisine of the highest quality, prepared and served with a personal touch. “We are hands-on owners,” says Domenick. “We take care of all our customers on a one-to-one basis.”

It all started with Domenick’s parents, Frank and Marie Chilelli, who came to America from southern Italy and brought with them many of the traditional recipes that can be seen on their menu today.

“My mother was a chef,” says Domenick, “and I learned from her.” The family has owned successful Italian restaurants throughout the New York and New Jersey area for over forty years.

This family effort led to La Cashina, which has been serving diners in Marlboro for over 22 years and has garnered a devoted following. Their secret of success? “We place an emphasis on quality,” Domenick explains. “I go personally to the markets and go through cases and cases of fresh produce, fish, meats, and if it’s not the best quality, I won’t take it.”

These hand-picked fresh ingredients are the foundation for tantalizing specialties like Chicken Abruzzi, (chicken breast topped with eggplant, prosciutto, and mozzarella served in a brown sherry wine sauce with wild mushrooms) and Zuppa Di Pesce, (shrimps, calamari, little neck clams and New Zealand mussels sautéed in a light red seafood sauce served over linguine), and the wide variety of other traditional pasta, seafood, chicken and veal dishes on offer. La Cashina is BYOB, a plus for the budget-conscious diner. They offer specials, too, to help customers have a wonderful dining experience without exploding their wallets. If a party or catering need is in your future, La Cashina is there to help make your event memorable.

Domenick has a collection of written testimonials from customers, praising their outstanding food and courteous, caring service. But for the Chilelli’s, treating the community as family goes way beyond the walls of their restaurant. “We try to give back to the  community. I never turn away a charity or local organization,” says Domenick. “We run our business with our heart as much as our head.”

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06 Nov 2017