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White Birch Wellness Spa
35 Monmouth Rd
West Long Branch, NJ 07764
(732) 795-9760|


As Gee Ranade, owner of White Birch Wellness Spa in West Long Branch points out, the first thing guests notice when stepping foot into the spa is the rustic white birch wood display hanging on the wall. The beauty of the peeling ivory bark is a metaphor for the White Birch Wellness Spa experience itself: The Spa’s massages, wraps, and body treatments peel away life’s stressors so that clients become grounded and balanced. For Gee and her highly skilled staff, accomplishing this means evoking another sense – the sense of smell.


Gee explains, “Growing up in India, we used natural and holistic remedies to cure simple things.” That’s why Gee has mastered the art of aromatherapy. Diffusers throughout the day spa spout soothing natural essential oils that boost the immune system, alleviate allergies, and evoke relaxation. “Our female clients find the lavender’s sweet flowery notes refreshing,” Gee says, “while woodsy undertones, rose and frankincense are our male clientele favorites.”


The tweaking of offerings is what makes White Birch Wellness Spa a truly unique experience. Their extensive services range from facials, waxing, eyebrow threading, and body treatments with organic and paraben-free ingredients, traditional massages, exotic Ayurveda ancient whole-body massage, as well as detox and reflexology that rid the body of toxins and aid in healing.


“We are not a cookie-cutter massage franchise,” says Gee. “A client with a muscle injury might book a deep tissue massage, but we may quickly realize that a gentler Swedish massage is better for them. We want our customers to leave with less pain than they came in with.” To that end, before guests leave, therapists are likely to pass on foam-rolling techniques, stretching exercises, and advice to keep clients feeling great in-between sessions.

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07 Jun 2017