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Holmdel Imaging

Aiming for Excellence in Radiology Services

Holmdel Imaging is a state of the art diagnostic medical imaging provider of high quality, cost effective imaging services. Our center offers Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Breast MRI, Ultrasound, Computed Tomography (CT), Bone Density, Digital Mammography and X-Rays. Our mission at Holmdel Imaging is to provide the highest quality professional radiology services for our patients and referring physicians, combined with a friendly staff and convenient, comfortable facility. Our goal is to be recognized as the imaging center of choice in the region.

What is Holmdel Imaging doing to keep current with technological advances in radiology?
Over the past few years there have been significant advances in the field of radiology, and it’s our mission at Holmdel Imaging not only to be current, but as much as possible to stay ahead of the curve as innovations become available. We have just taken delivery on a GE Revolution 64-slice CT scanner, the latest state-of-the-art machine that delivers uncompromised image quality while using a lower dose of radiation.

We continually update with the latest software upgrades for MRI scans, to produce the clearest possible pictures. Our newest software improves image resolution while allowing for shorter scan times. Shorter scanning time is especially helpful for patients who are nervous or anxious, or those with physical problems that make it difficult to lie still for long periods of time.

We also provide the latest in 3D Digital Mammography, a screening and diagnostic tool for breast cancer screening developed a few years ago. It is a proven technology advance that offers significant advantages to our patients.

How does lower-dose CT scanning benefit your patients?
Our new 64-slice scanner with lower dose protocol is an exciting advance, because you want to reduce the amount of radiation exposure for patients as much as possible. Especially if a patient needs multiple scans, the lower dose helps to limit overall exposure. This machine offers the lowest radiation dose you can get to date without compromising image quality.

We hear a lot about 3-D mammography, but does it really make a difference?
We were one of the first facilities in the area to offer 3D mammography, ahead of even  some of the hospitals. Both the traditional 2D and the new 3D scanning use X-rays, but 3D divides the breast into very small slices, so we can scroll through the images and see smaller lesions earlier than we could in the past.

The benefits of this are two-fold: First, we can find cancer earlier. According to a 2014 statistic, the increase in the cancer detection rate with 3D mammography is approximately 28.6 % for all cancers and 43.8% for invasive cancers. Secondly, with 3D we can now see when something that may have looked questionable before is not a cause for concern. This means that fewer women experience the anxiety that goes along with call-backs for further scans that then prove to be unnecessary.

As a patient, how do I decide which radiology facility is right for me?
Number one, you want to make sure that the doctors reading the studies are board-certified, with experience in reading all modalities. You want to find a place that has the latest equipment, and one with a staff that is accessible, friendly and accommodating. At Holmdel Imaging, we know that patients are under stress when they come in for a test, so we aim to make the experience as easy and comfortable as possible. Lastly, the cost of outpatient imaging is usually less than hospital imaging. Holmdel Imaging has 94 – 96% positive scores in monthly patient satisfaction surveys, confirming that the right facility is one that offers the best imaging, considerate staff, and lower cost.

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31 May 2017