RCDS Gators Dominate Fall Sports Season

(RUMSON, NJ – November 29, 2017) The Rumson Country Day School fall athletes made victory look easy this season, but their accomplishments were a result of two and half months of discipline, teamwork and hard earned wins. RCDS’ football team dominated an undefeated season. The field hockey team boasted an impressive 7-3 winning record and the girls soccer team was crowned Liberty Conference Champions. Gator fans were impressed by the boys soccer team, a young team this year who showed great progress as they battled the challenge of a roster without 8th grade players and set a strong foundation for next year.

RCDS Athletic Director Paul “Campy” Campanella attributes the RCDS Gators’ successful season to spirit.  

“Winning is great,” said Campy. “But our main focus as coaches and leaders is on the players and their approach to being part of a team.  Preparing responsible athletes who are loyal to themselves, their teammates and the school is a priority. Being part of a team instills life lessons like accountability, time-management, preparation, confidence and leadership. While we stress the importance of maintaining a competitive edge, the combination of competition and fun motivates players to strive to do their best.”

“Being part of a team is about so much more than winning and losing," added RCDS Field Hockey Coach Jess Murphy. "What I try to instill in my athletes are the core values that will help carry them through life. Whether we have won or lost is not the take away, it's how we train to win and how we accept failure and adjust after a loss that builds character.”

This outlook lays the groundwork for measuring success in a number of aspects at RCDS, from work in the classroom to a performance on stage or a victory on the sports field. 

RCDS also has a no-cut policy, which establishes an inclusive environment and gives students an opportunity to gain experience in a variety of sports that they may not necessarily try otherwise.


RCDS fifth grader Wyatt Smith says he would not have joined the football team if not for the welcoming nature of the team. “At first I didn’t play many sports, but I wanted to try it out because it seemed fun and everyone was friendly,” Wyatt explained. “It felt good to be a part of a team. I spent a lot of time with new friends. We had a bond at the end of the season and I really look forward to playing on the team again next year.”

Being a part of such a successful season was all the more meaningful for Lily McDonagh, an RCDS eighth grader who will graduate this spring. “I knew it was going to be a great season because everyone was so enthusiastic. They were dedicated to coming to practice every day, working hard and having fun. It meant so much to me and my fellow classmates to end the season on such a high note. Being a part of the team will definitely be one of my fondest memories at RCDS.” Lily plans to continue playing soccer in high school next fall.

Collectively RCDS boasts an athletic program of 17 sports teams and 80% participation from Upper School students. Winter sports kick off December 1 with squash practice, followed by the first game of the season for the boys and girls basketball teams on December 6 at Ranney School. Go Gators!


The Rumson Country Day School (rcds.org) is a not-for-profit, independent, non-sectarian, coeducational school specializing in nursery through grade eight, with a 2017-2018 enrollment of 400+ students. The school enrolls students who work in small classes with superior programs in academics, athletics and the arts. With a student/teacher ratio of 7:1 and an average class size of 15, students are guided by a family of mentors who recognize strengths, nurture skills and empower confident children to be curious about the world around them. RCDS offers half-day and extended day Nursery and Pre-K programs and a full-day Kindergarten. RCDS has been recognized as a “Blue Ribbon School of Excellence” by the U. S. Department of Education since 1999.

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06 Dec 2017