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Signature Design Group
1454 Hylan Blvd.
Staten Island, NY 10305
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Richard Clift, owner of Signature Design Group, knows there is no such a thing as too many experts in the kitchen. His signature kitchens staff capitalize on their 30 year knowledge of kitchen planning, familiarity of design trends and imagination in order to guide their clients in the selection of appliances, countertops and finishes. “I’ve assembled a staff of the most creative designers in the area,” he says.

Richard is a true artist. If you want visual proof just look at the pages of the leading industry publications his kitchen and bathroom have been featured in, like Architecture Digest, Metropolitan, Better Homes and Gardens, and Veranda. It’s his artistry that is the first thing a client notices when setting down with him to work on their plans for a kitchen or bath, or even new home construction and design build renovation. Taking the project from start to finish with a assembled crew that has been with him over 30 years.

“As homeowners show me photos of their existing kitchen and share their ideas, I sketch, right there in front of them while talking.” Richard explain’s.“I share what I’ve drawn with the client and make changes until we have agree upon plan.” When the process is finished, Signature Kitchens apply the newest technology with auto cad drawings to bring the design concept to life.

One thing that is always on the forefront of the designer’s mind is the flow of the environment. “We really tune in to how our clients will live in the space.” says Richard. That care is why he is an authorized deader of some of the most highly regarded cabinetry from around the world, like the NEFF line with breaking edge engineering that in his words is “build like a German tank.” an eco-friendly water-based brand from South Carolina, and a ELMWOOD made in Canada. He even offers a stylish, budget-conscious brand that  doesn’t compromise quality, as well as truly custom cabinets. RUTT from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where craftsmen start with a pallet of unfinished wood and build anything Richard and his fellow designers draw in order to turn their client’s ideas into realities.

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16 Dec 2016