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Angelina’s Kitchen


Owners | Angelina and Vincent Malerba
Opened | January 2
Seating capacity | 240
Signature dish | Bee Sting Pie
Vincent’s Favorite Dish | Veal Spedini
Hours of operation | Sunday, Noon – 9pm; Monday – Thursday, Noon – 10pm;
Friday – Saturday, Noon – 11pm.

Since 1994, Vincent Malerba has built a strong rapport with borough residents at Angelina’s Ristorante, his upscale restaurant in Tottenville. This year, Vincent and his family opened a second location in New Springville: Angelina’s Kitchen.


The new restaurant, located just a stone’s throw away from the Staten Island Mall, caters to the everyday shopper and more casual diner. But that doesn’t mean that a patron should expect anything less than high-quality cuisine and service.


“Angelina’s Kitchen is a more family-oriented restaurant with casual fare. We’re offering the same quality food with a lower price point,” Vincent says. “It’s more conducive for families or a group of people who are spending the day out shopping or just at the mall.”


The expansive dining space, which easily seats more than 200 people, was renovated to create a “homey” feel to the restaurant while offering a different type of dining atmosphere to the community.


A large garden inside the restaurant supplies fresh herbs for the kitchen, and other plants and vegetables play a part in the aesthetics of the restaurant as well. “My wife and I designed the restaurant, and the plants as part of the décor was one of the ways we wanted to give the place a cozy ambiance” he says.


Patrons can partake from a menu of classic Italian dishes such as cannelloni, lasagna, chicken parmigiana, and sausage with broccoli rabe, all of which are freshly-prepared and served by a mostly Italian staff who give Angelina’s Kitchen an authentic Mediterranean flair. A brick oven cooks up a host of pizzas, from the traditional margherita to specialty pies with spicy soppresata and honey or Pesto with kale.


If you come extra hungry with a group of 15 people or more, Angelina’s Kitchen also has two separate menu options to satiate the biggest appetites. The all-you-can-eat pizza menu will let you indulge in your choice of select appetizers and three pizzas over the course of two hours, with soda and draft beer included. A family style menu with a three-hour time limit has two separate packages with generous offerings of appetizers, pasta, entrѐes and unlimited wine, sangria, beer, coffee and tea.


A separate dining area that can cater to private parties of about 35 patrons or fewer, and an outside gelato stand help to round out the restaurant, which Vincent says has received amazing support from the community since it opened in January.


“We wanted to be a place for families to enjoy a casual meal or a big, sit-down dinner. We’re fortunate enough to have a great following. We’re a family-owned restaurant close to the mall, and we thank everyone who has patronized us for many years. It’s humbling to see them coming back again. Thank you.”


Angelina’s Kitchen
280 Marsh Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10314
(718) 698-2000

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17 Jul 2017