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Vincent Hager is the President of JGS Insurance, with over 25 years of experience in the insurance industry. JGS insurance is deeply rooted in the Holmdel area and has provided personal and commercial insurance services to clients since 1919. JGS represent a carefully selected group of reputable and financially sound Insurance Companies. Their goal is to assure you that you are receiving the most comprehensive and competitive programs in terms of cost, coverage and service.

What do you feel sets you apart from your competition?
A real difference with JGS is that we are an independent, privately-owned insurance agency. This fact alone makes us stand out in a marketplace where, increasingly, global brokers are buying up individual agencies to form large conglomerates. Additionally, our clients benefit from our over 40 years of collective experience. We offer competitive rates without compromising coverage or service. Choosing to reside on the beautiful Jersey coast is not an obstacle for us at JGS.

Does the fact that JGS is privately owned have advantages for your clients?
Being privately owned, we do not have to answer to a bank or investor-owned holding company. This allows us the freedom and flexibility to provide the services of a small agency, yet we have all the resources available of a larger firm, including an in-house loss control consultant and a claim advocate working for our clients.

Why would a current customer tell a friend or family member that they should use your services?
Our mission statement is “Service Is Our Specialty; Protecting You Is Our Mission.” We focus our energies on these two simple ideas: Service and Protection. By providing our customers with our Service Timelines, we set expectations of both the client and the agency for the services to be provided in a mutually agreed time frame. By including our Stewardship Reports at the end of the service period, we provide a detailed report to the insured that shows the tasks to be completed, the expected completion date, and the actual completion date of each item. This provides an accurate measure of our service to the client.

What do you want a potential customer to know they will experience or take away if they decide to insure their home/business with your company?
We would like them to know that we have a staff of 38 trained professionals working on their policies, with set procedures in place, so that no short cuts are taken and no item is overlooked. Our agent turnover is very low, with our average tenure being in excess of ten years. As an independent business, our first priority is to serve our clients, not an insurance company.

Is there anything your company is offering to help customers hurt by the economy?
We work with our business accounts to monitor their operations and have their premiums adjusted during the policy term if their exposure decreases substantially, rather than waiting until after expiration for an audit to be completed. We are also securing more favorable payment terms from our carriers for both personal and business accounts. At JGS, we recognize the complexities and demands of a comprehensive insurance program for our clients. We realize that very often cost is a decisive factor in determining your selection of an insurance carrier. We will not trade off stability of the carrier, or coverage, solely to reduce your costs. However, we do solicit alternative quotes from responsible companies each year. You can be assured that you are receiving a competitive program in both cost and coverage.