Stu Rosenstein opened his first gym along with his father in 1984. Stu has trained everyone from homemakers to models, from office workers to professional bodybuilders. Stu himself competed as a lifetime natural powerlifter and lifetime natural bodybuilder. Stu is the co-owner of the OVOX Gym & Training Franchise, offering personal and small group training, nutritional counseling, and an expanding range of specialty classes, all designed to help motivate you to reach your fitness goals.

No Brain, No Gain

I know “no PAIN no gain” is a popular slogan when it comes to working out, but I like to take a different approach: “no BRAIN no gain.” I see countless people working out and “dieting” without any understanding of what or why they are doing it. For the 30+ years I’ve been in the business I’ve watched everyone jump on the “hottest trend” in regard to dieting and working out. Changing your body should be based on science, but it’s not rocket science. It’s really amazing that no matter how intelligent someone may be, if they overhear someone say “lose weight quick,” their ears open up to the size of manhole covers as if there really is some magical new method. If a member does a wacky exercise in the gym, within a week I see five other members doing the same wacky exercise.

So what should you do? Where should you start? The first step is to decide what your goal is and develop a smart plan toward your goal. This is often overlooked by those looking to workout. Most people “just start.” I guess something is better than nothing as long as it’s safe – but if you really want to be effective you need to be smart about it. When I train and when I design workouts, I always live by “if you are going to do it, do it right.”

It’s weird to me that if someone wants to learn how to snow board, or learn how to play golf or learn how to play an instrument such as guitar or piano, they generally take a lesson of some kind. They don’t just jump on a snow board or start poking around on the piano keys thinking they are going excel at it. Yet people will join a gym and just sit on equipment and start moving the weight without proper form and no reason for what they are doing.

Trying to increase strength, lose body fat, tone the body, improve athletic performance, all have many factors that should be considered when you design a workout. Should you perform 8 repetitions or 20 repetitions per exercise? Should you rest 30 seconds between each set or rest 2 minutes between sets? Should you train each body part once per week or 3 times per week? I’m not trying to scare you. Like I said previously, it’s not rocket science. You just need to take the time to consult someone that can really help you toward your goals.

Ask the question, “Why?” Unfortunately, just because a trainer or class teacher is “certified,” that doesn’t mean they have a clue. Everyone reading this article can take an afternoon training certification and become a “certified fitness professional” in a matter of hours with zero prior experience. And experience doesn’t mean knowledge. So if you hire a trainer, or if you take a group fitness class, don’t be afraid to ask why you are doing something. The trainer/teacher should have a reason for every exercise selection, the amount of weight used, the speed of the repetitions, etc. Every answer should be an answer that makes sense for your goal.

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